22mm LED pilot lamps

23rd May 2006
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Specialist distributor Switchtec¹s PL22 range of LED pilot lamps are said to offer benefits over traditional filament lamps. They offer very low power consumption, robustness, small size, are brighter and they are competitively priced.
Aimed at OEMs, CEMs, panel builders and equipment manufacturers, the 22mm
pilot lamps are for use in control panels and any application where a bright, low power consumption indicator is needed.

Offering versatility, the lamps will operate on AC and DC voltages, and versions for 6,12, 24, 36, 48, 110, and 230V are available. Multi-chip LED technology keeps current consumption (hence reduced power consumption) to less than 20mA. The voltage applied to a lamp can deviate by plus or minus
20% of its rated voltage.

Available in colours of red, yellow, blue, green and white, the PL22 offers an ingress protection rating of IP65, utilises a standard 22mm diameter cutout and is supplied with locking nut. Retaining the industry standard 22mm mounting means that the lamps can be retro fitted in older designs or
as spares, and also in new designs.

Fully RoHS compliant and CE marked, the lamps are easily wired using screw
terminals. All conducting parts are concealed within the lamp housing for
safety and security. High quality flame retardant materials are used

Able to withstand a vibration of 10 ­ 20000Hz/1.5mm/10g, the lamps solve the
problem of breakable tungsten filament lamps and their associated cost of
repair and maintenance.

For use in an ambient temperature range of -5 to +40 degrees C, the lamps
offer a brightness of >40cd/m2, and an insulation voltage of 380VAC 50Hz.

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