Wireless power receiver minimises smartphone component count

29th July 2014
Staff Reporter

The IDTP9025A, a wireless power reciever from IDT, has been incorporated into LG's G3 smartphone. LG and IDT worked together to integrate the chip into the smartphone, with the chip delivering a compact size and simplified application circuit. Supporting the Wireless Power Consortium’s 1.1 standard, the chip utilises a high-efficiency LDO-based architecture to minimize component count.

The device also boasts optimised control logic, which minimises power losses to ensure efficient power delivery to the load. The space- and cost-optimized wireless power receivers are suited for wireless handsets, cell phone sleeves, and tablets.

“To maintain a competitive edge, today’s technology leaders must squeeze more functionality into smaller and smaller form factors while keeping costs in check,” said Arman Naghavi, IDT’s vice president and general manager, Analog and Power Division. “Component size, integration, and quality are essential, and leading innovators are finding that IDT’s wireless power capabilities can help them hit their targets and win in the marketplace.”

“Enabling wireless charging by integrating the function into a device is key for long-term mass adoption,” said Ryan Sanderson, principal analyst for wireless power at IHS Technology. Sanderson added, “IHS predicts that in 2018, 600 million mobile phones will ship that will be enabled to charge wirelessly. Almost all of these are forecast to be enabled straight out of the box via integrated wireless power receivers.”

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