Wireless charging platform offers scalable power

5th October 2015
Jordan Mulcare

Semtech Corporation has announced its TS80K wireless charging design platform, which includes the TS80000 transmitter, the TS81000 receiver, a complete set of new power management ICs and reference design kits, to address the increasing need for wireless charging in the consumer, mobile, industrial and embedded solution markets. The platform offers scalable power, flexible design capability and supports evolving industry standards.

Semtech’s TS80K wireless charging platform supports all three major wireless charging standards, Qi, PMA and A4WP Rezence, in multi-mode for both transmitter and receiver applications. It is designed to be flexible, making it easy to implement quickly in different configurations and form factors, as well as support evolving wireless charging standards. It is also the only wireless charging platform on the market today that can scale to power low, medium and high power applications from 0.1 to over 100W.

“The growth of portable and wearable chargeable electronics devices and push for quicker charging rates, driven by unique consumer expectations, has caused wireless charging requirements to rapidly evolve,” said Ken Moore, Vice President and General Manager, Triune Product Group, Semtech. “Our wireless power solutions have the flexibility to work with all industry charging standards and can charge all shapes and sizes of devices, including wearable Smartwatches, mobile Smartphones, tablets and laptops.”

"The wireless charging market is expected to turn into a multi-billion dollar opportunity in the next few years," said Alberto Guerra, Chief Marketing Officer, Semtech. "Not only is wireless charging being widely adopted in wearable and portable devices, it’s also making its way into a broader ecosystem of applications that includes automobiles, industrial tools and furniture embedded with built-in wireless charging capabilities. With the Semtech TS80K Wireless Charging Design Platform, we’ve introduced a solution that addresses the needs of all these applications."

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