Vehicles are now being designed using Mentor Automotive Capital tools

17th February 2016
Jordan Mulcare

Mentor Graphics Corporation has announced that General Motors is deploying Mentor Capital electrical systems design tools for its vehicle development projects. The tools deliver cycle time reductions and support improved engineering processes, helping General Motors efficiently deliver the new electronic features demanded by the car-buying public.

This is achieved via the Capital suite’s powerful design asset re-use and correct-by-construction technology that automatically generates optimised platform-level wiring.

Electrical systems for new General Motors vehicles are now being designed using Capital tools. Furthermore, design data for existing vehicles is being converted to Capital software using utilities developed by Mentor’s consulting organisation. This enables rapid tool adoption through the availability of infrastructure such as rule decks and libraries and broadened user familiarity.

General Motors has further ensured a high level of skills among its user community with on-demand training, provided via the Mentor Learning Centre web platform. This always-available resource delivers tutorials, hands-on exercises and knowledge checks that have been developed by Mentor’s product experts, tailored to a number of distinct user profiles.

Like many automotive OEMs, General Motors develops vehicles based on a number of core platforms, often tailored to local market preferences. This pattern brings significant cost efficiencies but also requires comprehensive data handling, and compatibility with the enterprise IT environment.

Replacement of a key part of the vehicle development process can be a daunting task. But General Motors has reached key milestones such as production design data release on schedule while transitioning to Capital. Martin O’Brien, General Manager, Mentor Automotive, said, “General Motors’ adoption of Capital is a model of good practice. It has been speedy but also highly structured. We look forward to working further with GM as the applicability of additional tools within the Capital range is explored, for example to help control electrical system configuration complexity or automatically create technical publications.”

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