TI introduces the industry’s smallest single-wire I/O expander

7th September 2011
ES Admin

Texas Instruments Incorporated has introduced the industry’s smallest single-wire I/O expander with self-timed, single-wire technology from Texas Instruments. The TCA5405 allows system designers to control and expand outputs to as many as five, using a single processor general purpose input/output. This expander reduces the number of connections needed, thus eliminating 50 percent of the lines versus I2C, and 75 percent compared to a serial peripheral interface (SPI) bus.

This device can be implemented in many design configurations that require a small footprint, such as cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), portable media players, and portable instrumentation devices such as blood glucose meters and insulin pumps.

TCA5405 key features and benefits:
Easier implementation of port expansion makes it suitable for simple functions, such as chip select or enable pins, as well as complex functions like driving LEDs (
One-wire protocol-based port expansion in an eight-pin, 2.25-mm2 micro-QFN package makes it the industry’s smallest five-channel expander.

STSW interface reduces connections by as much as 50 percent versus I2C, and 75 percent versus serial peripheral interface.

Standby current consumption, which is 20 percent lower than the nearest competitor, supports power-savvy, high-performance applications with 2 µA and a drive strength current of ±20 mA.

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