NI Vision Development Module 2012 allows for 3D Vision in LabVIEW

22nd August 2012
ES Admin
NI has announced 3-D vision capabilities in LabVIEW with the new NI Vision Development Module 2012. Engineers can develop a 3-D stereo vision system using any two cameras and can perform advanced inspection and control that uses depth information from 3-D vision technology.
They can also use LabVIEW with third-party hardware and software tools for 3-D vision and combine 3-D images with other algorithms, such as pattern matching or object tracking, to profile stationary or moving objects.

Product Features:
• High-precision 3-D image acquisition using new stereo vision and calibration algorithms in the Vision Development Module
• Compatibility with third-party 3-D cameras, such as SICK Ranger cameras that use laser triangulation technology
• Seamless integration of additional 3-D processing and analysis libraries, such as the AQSENSE SAL3D library, in the same graphical programming environment

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