Murata shows it's as easy as riding a bike

13th December 2005
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Murata has shown the versatility of its electronic components by building a tiny robot that can ride a bicycle perfectly at up to 76cm per second -forward or backwards.
Known as Murata Boy, the robot weighs just 5kg, is 20cm tall and was unveiled at the recent CEATEC consumer electronics show in Tokyo. Among the the components utilized were a gyro sensor for precise positioning and navigation and sensors to detect Murata Boy’s angle so that perfect balance is maintained.

An ultrasonic sensor enables obstacles to be avoided, while another makes corrections for uneven ground. The robot’s eyes are an onboard camera that captures images and transmits them to a PC.

Murata Boy also incorporates more common Murata components, such as monolithic ceramic capacitors for controlled electric supply and ceramic resonators to create a reference signal. Thermistors detect temperature, and potentiometers compensate for circuit variance.

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