Mixed-signal IP cores from Toshiba provide LVDS integration in SoCs for flat panel displays

8th January 2009
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Toshiba Electronics Europe’s ASIC & Foundry Business Unit has launched two new mixed-signal IP cores that will simplify and speed integration of LVDS (low-voltage differential swing) transmitter and receiver functionality into system-on-chip (SoC) designs for flat panel display (FPD) applications.

The dual link LVDS transmitter (FPD-TX) and the LVDS receiver link (FPD-RX) are mixed-signal, hard macros that provide high levels of functionality and flexibility. These IP blocks are fully silicon-proven and are optimised for Toshiba’s TC320 ASIC technology, ensuring seamless and rapid integration into SoC designs based on this 65nm 1.2V low-power process.

Toshiba’s FPD-TX LVDS transmitter IP provides the functionality needed for dual link transmission from a host SoC to the flat panel display and is designed for FPDs with resolutions up to UXGA. The IP block can convert up to 60 bits of RGB picture signal data and up to 12 bits of control signal data into 10 or 12 LVDS streams. Operating at dot clock frequencies from 25MHz to 85MHz, the FPD-TX combines integrated high-speed clock generation and a selectable frequency range to minimise the need for external components.

The FPD-RX LVDS receiver IP is designed for FPD signal streams with resolutions up to SXGA+ and also offers a selectable frequency range to optimise performance in the target application. The cell receives synchronous data along with the corresponding pixel clock information via an LVDS interface. An on-chip high-speed clock generation block is then used to multiply the received clock signal and synchronise it with incoming data. Using this IP, designers can implement single link transmission between the host and the LVDS link at clock speeds up to 150MHz. For frequencies below 20MHz the cell offers LVDS feed-through signals to the SoC core.

Both of the new IP blocks are supplied as mixed-signal hard macros and GDSII, abstracts, models for major EDA tools and detailed application notes can all be supplied. Designers at Toshiba’s European LSI Design and Engineering Center (ELDEC) are available to provide full technical support, advice and guidance relating to the testing and implementation of the FPD LVDS link IPs.

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