Low cost networking modules from Solid State Supplies

31st December 2008
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A new range of ultra compact, low profile, low-cost networking modules from Rabbit is now available from Solid State Supplies. Available in pin-compatible wired and Wi-Fi versions, the MiniCore series is optimized for real-time control, communications and networking applications such as energy management and intelligent building automation.
Measuring just 31 mm x 51 mm (1.2 x 2), the module can provide wired or wireless network connectivity anywhere on a mother board using minimal space. It also features 32 GPIO and a Rabbit 5000 microprocessor which, according to the manufacturers, makes it the most cost effective network connectivity solution available for both networking and control in such a small form factor.

Easily integrated, with a height os just 3mm, the MiniCore family includes the pin compatible and interchangeable wired RCM5700 and Wi-Fi RCM5600W. Pin-compatible versions that support ZigBee and USB are in development. Systems developers can easily interchange MiniCore family products to tailor connectivity for any given application.

The RCM5700 features a 50 MHz Rabbit® 5000 microprocessor, on-chip 10/100 Ethernet, 1MB serial flash, 36 digital I/O ports and five serial ports. The RCM5600W has a 78 MHz Rabbit 5000 microprocessor, Wi-Fi, 1MB serial flash, 36 digital I/O ports and five serial ports. The Rabbit 5000 microprocessor is Rabbit's latest processor and features Ethernet, Wi-Fi and SRAM providing a high level of integration to enable the MiniCore's small footprint.

Low-cost development kits feature all of the software and tools necessary to simplify development. The RCM5700 Development Kit includes the RCM5700 module, interface board with standoffs and connectors, prototyping board with standoffs and connectors, USB cable, and Dynamic C CD-ROM with complete development documentation.

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