Java-on-a-Chip for fast controller development

5th June 2019
Alex Lynn

The availability of Java on a Chip (JoC), a small Java-programmable module designed and made by demmel (Austria) for industrial use, has been announced by Saelig Company. Java on a Chip (JoC) is a Java-programmable module, designed for innovative smart applications. The highly integrated Java-programmable JoC Module can replace conventional microcontroller electronics, minimise programming and development time, and simplify hardware design.

In a size less than 1x1.5", the JoC module offers extensive interface options that can be easily addressed in Java, making complex low-level programming unnecessary. In contrast to C or C++, the object-oriented approach of Java offers much better protection against hidden errors. The module can be surface mounted or with two millimetre pin headers.

Mounting via SMT or through-hole, the JoC can operate on 2.7 to 5.5V. The module includes multiple digital and analogue I/Os, a USB port, two RS232 (TTL) ports, I2C, SPI, and PWM outputs, as well as A/D and D/A converters. A built-in keyboard interface can accommodate up to 128 keys, and there is also a rotary encoder interface. The JoC's real-time clock with battery backup is useful for time-sensitive applications.

Application development takes place on the Javaino JoC Reference Board. It includes a Java development environment for editing, compiling and debugging. Javaino can be extended with additional functions by using standard Arduino shields.

The JoC Manager software, supplied free, is the flexible integrated development environment (IDE) for JoC application development. The software connects to a PC via a USB connection and no additional hardware or software is needed. It contains a complete Java development environment for the development of applications running on the JoC's Java VM. 

The JoC Manager provides convenient editing of the Java code, compiling and remote debugging. The compiled Java application is loaded directly on the chip via the USB interface and executed in the Java VM. Common features such as breakpoints and variable inspection are included in the debugger, and sample applications are provided for a quick start.

With Java on a Chip (JoC), applications can be programmed in an object-oriented high-level language. Compared to C or C++, the time and effort required for this is significantly lower, and less specialist knowledge is required. With JoC, developers can bring full-scale products to market much faster and more cost-effectively.

The JoC Module and Javaino Reference Board are available now from Saelig.

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