Green Hills Software Announces INTEGRITY RTOS and MULTI IDE Support for Marvell’s ARMADA XP Multicore Processo

26th February 2013
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Green Hills Software today announced the general availability of its industry-leading INTEGRITY RTOS and comprehensive software development and run-time solutions for the Marvell ARMADA XP (Extreme Performance) series of multicore processors.
Green Hills Software supported solutions include the INTEGRITY real-time operating system (RTOS) with SMP configuration; its award-winning MULTI integrated development environment (IDE); a full suite of middleware including network stacks, file systems and POSIX; and the Green Hills JTAG Probe. The Marvell ARMADA XP series of multicore processors is the industry’s first quad-core ARM processor designed for enterprise-class cloud computing applications.

The ARMADA XP series integrates four Marvell designed ARM-compliant 1.6GHz CPU cores along with a host of I/O peripherals to offer one of the highest levels of integration in the industry. By employing an innovative architecture and advanced design methodology, the ARMADA XP delivers the best performance-per-watt to empower enterprise-class cloud computing applications ranging from high-performance data center web servers to highly reliable networking and wireless infrastructure equipment at a much lower cost.

The comprehensive Green Hills Marvell ARMADA XP support includes:
• INTEGRITY real-time operating system (RTOS) with SMP configuration
• Full suite of middleware, with:
o File systems
o Network stack
o Standard POSIX System interfaces
• Award-winning MULTI development environment
• Green Hills JTAG Probe

Green Hills Software’s flagship run-time offering is the INTEGRITY RTOS. The INTEGRITY RTOS’ success is due to its advanced separation architecture, incorporating memory protection, guaranteed resource availability, secure remote management and optimal real-time response. INTEGRITY technology is certified to numerous safety and security standards in industrial safety (IEC 61508 SIL 3), railway safety (EN 50128 SWSIL 4), medical (FDA Class III), avionics (DO-178B Level A), and EAL 6+, High Robustness, the highest Common Criteria (IEC 15408) security level ever achieved for any software product.

“INTEGRITY is a great fit for the ARMADA XP platform, enabling highly reliable and secure embedded applications to achieve excellent power, performance and cost metrics,” commented Tim Reed, vice president, Advanced Products, Green Hills Software. “The INTEGRITY SMP scheduler allows for easy use of this multicore architecture, and the MULTI debugger and associated tools give unrivaled developer productivity and insight into performance bottlenecks.”

“Marvell is excited to see Green Hills INTEGRITY RTOS support for ARMADA XP, the industry’s first quad-core ARM processor specially designed for enterprise cloud computing applications ranging from high-performance web servers to highly reliable networking and wireless infrastructure equipment,” said Ramesh Sivakolundu, vice president, Cloud Services and Infrastructure Business Unit, Marvell. “This support enables our customers to develop high-quality, low-power, and high-performance systems with quick time-to-market for a broad range of applications.”

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