Why Altium developed a new approach to Electronics Design

6th July 2012
ES Admin
In this video, Altium Hardware Design Group Manager Matt Berggren explains how he and his team are working with Altium’s software team to overcome some of the design and data management challenges faced by the company and their 40,000+ customers. The result is a design methodology that harnesses a new generation of Altium Designer termed Vault-Driven Electronics Design. This methodology represents a work-flow and approach centered around Altium Vaults that will help design engineers using Altium software and systems to develop better electronics more efficiently and of a higher quality.
While still evolving, Vault-Driven Electronics Design is a best-practice methodology that has been tried and tested with real results and marked gains in quality and productivity. Central to Altium’s new approach to electronics design is the concept of Designing for Reuse - capturing and configuring all elements of design so that they can be easily reused across any new future designs.

Altium Vault Technology plays a key role in this philosophy, resulting in the mantra that all elements in a design must be sourced from an Altium Vault. This facilitates the creation of an ever-growing repository of managed design 'building blocks' that are available to the whole design organization from a single point. And this modular approach to design allows for designing at a higher level of abstraction, with new designs built from existing managed design elements with streamlined expediency.

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