Duo partner to deliver flash file system to automotive applications

12th June 2018
Lanna Cooper


Green Hills Software and Tuxera have extended their partnership to bring the Tuxera Flash File System to the INTEGRITY Real Time Operating System (RTOS). The development is driven by the growing demand for secure and reliable storage software in connected cars and other vehicles.

“We envision Tuxera Flash File System as the go-to embedded storage solution for automotive Tier-1s and OEMs, and we are actively working with Green Hills to bring secure, high-performing, and reliable storage software to automotive platforms,” said Severi Tikkala, Director of Automotive Business Development at Tuxera.

Tikkala continued: “Cars are becoming increasingly smart and, more importantly, highly data-driven. This is also making every element of the car - from ADAS systems and the cluster, to IVI and intelligent gateways - more open to the outside world. This leads to new safety requirements for automotive storage and for the software to maintain it. We recognise Green Hills Software as a key software stack provider for the automotive sector and look forward to continuing our cooperation.”

Chris Tubbs, Business Development Director, EMEA, Green Hills Software, commented: “We are glad to continue our extensive partnership with Tuxera. As new automotive applications continue to emerge, the requirements for the embedded storage software stack are becoming increasingly demanding. We are pleased to see that the Tuxera Flash File System now supports our INTEGRITY RTOS, which is the gold standard run-time foundation for safety and security-critical software in automotive, and look forward to our future joint projects.”

RTOS - where consistency matters
The INTEGRITY RTOS is Green Hills Software’s flagship operating system. Widely used by automotive Tier-1s and OEMs, INTEGRITY RTOS is built around an advanced partitioning architecture, and provides embedded systems with reliability and security to offer an optimum deterministic real time response.

INTEGRITY technology is certified to the highest levels of automotive safety (ISO 26262 ASIL D) and the highest security level ever achieved for any software product - Common Criteria EAL 6+, High Robustness.

Storage software for future real time applications
As cars are becoming smarter, the automotive platform software has become complex, becoming write operation heavy and extensively interconnected with other elements of the car. This creates new requirements for the data security of the platform and makes long term storage performance an important aspect of the file system that maintains it.

Bringing full-scale Linux FS to the RTOS
Designed for Linux applications, Tuxera’s Flash File System offers a full-scale set of features for automotive-grade data handling, including data-integrity functionality for tackling potential power loss scenarios, an added level of security utilising encryption, prolonged life time of the flash memory by reducing the level of storage fragmentation to the minimum, and additional technologies, such as compression and boot-time optimisation.

From interoperable to embedded
Tuxera Flash File System is not the first Tuxera storage software product to support INTEGRITY RTOS. Previously, the two companies have worked together adding INTEGRITY RTOS support to a wide selection of Tuxera’s external storage file system implementations, including Tuxera exFAT, Tuxera NTFS, and Tuxera FAT - making advanced interoperable storage solutions available to the automotive sector.

In bringing its Tuxera Flash File System to the widely used automotive-grade INTEGRITY RTOS, Tuxera is working closely with Green Hills Software on a shared vision of providing secure, reliable, high performing software to automotive Tier-1s and OEMs.

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