Dacia Manifesto wins Concept Car Design of the Year

8th December 2023
Paige West

The Dacia Manifesto has won the Concept Car Design of the Year award, as acknowledged by a global panel of professional car designers in the latest Car Design Review edition, issued by Car Design News.

This year's judging panel, consisting of 16 members, included design heads from automotive companies such as Audi, Ford, Lamborghini, Lucid, and Mercedes. Judges were restricted from voting for their own designs or those from other brands within their group, ensuring a transparent voting process and credible awards.

James McLachlan, Editor of Car Design News, remarked on Dacia's victory: "In the decade these awards have been running, Dacia has never before been in contention for any car category. Hence, clinching this year's Concept Car Design of the Year award marks a remarkable milestone and reflects the significant evolution of its design department."

The Manifesto is an ultra-compact, entirely open SUV designed to create a seamless connection with nature. This lightweight, silent vehicle emphasises agility over speed. Ideal for tasks like delivering supplies to remote mountain locations or inspecting outdoor facilities, its design prioritises functionality and ease of use.

While the Manifesto itself will not be released for purchase, it serves as a showcase of Dacia's latest innovations. This includes features already present in some current models, soon-to-be-introduced elements across the entire range, and concepts set to be revealed in future years.

David Durand, Dacia's Design Director, who accepted the award for the Manifesto concept at the Car Design News People Awards event in London on 7th December, said: "I am deeply honoured by the recognition our small, yet expressive object has received. It encapsulates our brand's values and signifies the evolution of Dacia design. This unexpected honour from design experts signals we are heading in the right direction."

Apart from Dacia's celebrated design, the 208-page Car Design Review X yearbook also highlights the nine other shortlisted concept cars, the winner of the Production Car Design of the Year award and its contenders, and the Lifetime Achievement Award feature. It delves into how artificial intelligence, user experience, and academic training might shape future car designers. The edition, which showcases emerging global student talent, the art of clay modelling, and features bespoke photography, artwork, material inserts, and fold-out illustration sections, strives to educate and entertain while maintaining editorial independence.

Top 10 Concept Car Designs of the Year

1. Dacia Manifesto
2. Citroen Oli
3. Mercedes Vision One-Eleven
4. Audi Activesphere
5. Lancia Pu+Ra HPE
6. Porsche Mission X
7. Peugeot Inception
8. Dodge Charger Daytona SRT
9. BMW i Vision Dee
10. Lincoln Model L100

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