Artisan previews Artisan Studio v7.0

26th February 2008
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Artisan Software Tools is previewing the forthcoming Artisan Studio Version 7.0, its all-in-one standards-based development tool suite, at Embedded World 2008 (Hall 10, Stand 408).
Artisan Studio v7.0 will include new features and capabilities to benefit both systems and software engineers (3-way merge and Component Sharing Wizard enhancements for System and Software Product Line development), for systems engineers (Simulink® integration and enhanced SysML support) and for software engineers (C# code generation capability, reinforced commitment to MDA and enhanced VxWorks RTOS support). Artisan Studio will also have a new and improved user interface.

For Systems and Software Engineers: Building on its existing internal Configuration Management support for controlled parallel development in a multi-user distributed environment, Artisan Studio v7.0 will provide a robust 3-way merge capability allowing two parallel streams to be merged into the original model. The model will be further enhanced to remove ‘evil twins’. The Component Sharing Wizard is also being enhanced to allow components to be shared between product variants in a controlled manner which will make Artisan Studio v7.0 a key component for System and Software Product Line (SPL) development.

For Systems Engineers: MathWorks’ Simulink provides a platform for simulation and model-based design. Artisan Studio v7.0 will introduce an integration with Simulink models that will give systems engineers the ability to define and simulate function block diagrams in Simulink and export them into a SysML model in Artisan Studio for ongoing development and maintenance. The Simulink integration will provide engineers with full control of the mapping of information between the two tools. Further improvements to Artisan Studio’s world leading support for SysML will include easy-to use editors that simplify the creation of a systems engineering model coupled with this upgraded consistency checkers that will ensure the evolving model is consistent with the rules and semantics of SysML.

For Software Engineers: Artisan Studio v7.0 will provide support for automatic code generation, and reversing, for the C# programming language. The C# support is based on Artisan’s new 4G code generation technology which reinforces Artisan’s commitment to the OMG’s Model Driven Architecture (MDA), complementing and extending its existing support for C, C++, Java and Ada code generation. The 4G model contains default design patterns that specify the mapping from UML to C# (model-to-text), which can be altered as necessary by engineers to manage and control it as a project artefact. 4G enhancements to the existing integration with the VxWorks RTOS will also provide model-level debugging of code executing on multiple remote targets. This is a powerful capability that will enable software engineers to concentrate on the logical design leaving Artisan Studio to manage the threading, timers and queuing issues inherent within embedded real-time applications. Enhancements to Artisan Studio’s Instance Modeling will permit Object Diagrams to depict current values or attributes and the behavioral state of the instance.

For all Studio Users: Artisan Studio v7.0 will have a new look and feel based on a multiple-document interface philosophy designed to enable engineers to tailor it according to their own working style. It will provide users with the ability to re-order tabs in the browsers, auto hide panes, dock and float panes, and provide keyboard navigation around all the views.

Artisan’s flagship modeling tool suite, Artisan Studio, provides complete support for UML, OMG SysML and Architectural Frameworks in a single, integrated tool suite, enabling large and often geographically dispersed teams of analysts and systems & software engineers to Work as OneSM, modeling systems and software for the complete project lifecycle from conception to implementation - thereby avoiding the design duplication and inconsistency that often occurs when a mixture of tools and methods are employed in a project. Studio’s powerful, centralized data repository relieves companies of the significant management overhead generally associated with multi-user access and its stable, robust working environment ensures high availability of model information, while securing all valuable data.

Artisan has delivered a stable, robust working environment to thousands of users across an extensive range of complex applications in the most demanding industry sectors including military, aerospace and defense, automotive and transportation, telecommunications and electronics, and medical. Its unique domain-specific profiling capability enables it to be easily tailored to support project needs associated with Architectural Frameworks such as DoDAF, MODAF, UPDM and AUTOSAR.

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