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16th August 2022
Paige West

Lamda Development has announced the launch of The Ellinikon Experience Centre heralding The Ellinikon, the largest, most ambitious urban regeneration project in Europe and a new global model for comprehensive mixed-use urban experiences.

The Ellinikon Experience Centre is the largest visitor centre in the world of its kind, delivering natural and technological exhibits that immerse guests in the smart, sustainable, innovatively designed future of this project.

The Ellinikon sits just 20 minutes, on average, away from Athens’s city centre, its port and airport.  Greece’s capital, one of the world’s foundational metropolises, will now become an international leader for coastal and green design, smart living, indoor-outdoor commercial experiences, and sustainable, low-carbon urban renewal. Overall, The Ellinikon offers a truly comprehensive blueprint for responsible and growth-oriented urban development, from elevated residential and branded living experiences at a range of price points to inviting, large-scale greenspaces including one of the world’s largest coastal parks.

“Lamda Development is bringing to life a new city that places Greece prominently at the forefront of smart living, sustainability, and innovation that lifts up communities and citizens. The Ellinikon city reflects a new paradigm of living, working, and enjoying life by the sea,” said Odisseas Athanasiou, Chief Executive Officer, Lamda Development. “The Ellinikon Experience Centre showcases a project with global impact that will also generate tremendous investment value and create thousands of jobs for the Greek economy. The Experience Centre is an inspiring symbol of what’s to come for Greece and the world.”

The project is rejuvenating the urban coastline and delivering near-shore sustainability across its 3.5-kilometre coastal front and marina. The shoreline combines a publicly accessible beach of 1km, and recreation with luxury waterfront living and tourism at The Riviera Galleria. Global and local visitors alike will be able to step inside the heart of Europe’s largest coastal park, The Ellinikon Park, which will span two million square metres of vibrant green space. The Park will include extensive seasonal programming and 50 kilometres of cyclist and pedestrian pathways. This will be the first smart park in Greece, incorporating seamless connectivity, AR navigation, and smart energy systems, among many other strategies. 

Technological infrastructure and thoughtful design extend to every facet of The Ellinikon, from the development’s next-generation transportation network to the bioclimatic, indoor-outdoor hybrid architecture and green facades that provide thermal insulation, carbon dioxide reduction, and air purification and the coastline resilience aided through environmentally engineered sensors. This waterfront coastal lifestyle development will also include new and innovative venues and facilities for sports and wellness. 

Additionally, The Ellinikon will rejuvenate the idea of commercial spaces. Sustainable, technology-forward office developments will platform creativity and business growth while providing a major draw for talent retention and acquisition in Athens. Mediterranean hospitality, meanwhile, will provide conference, entertainment, and tourism destination experiences through a range of hotels and resorts created with leading hospitality partners. Internationally renowned retail and dining across a full spectrum of consumer brackets will be infused throughout the sustainable, wellness-focused commercial and hospitality spaces.

The Ellinikon Experience Centre

This future city comes to life at The Ellinikon Experience Centre, where all elements of The Ellinikon are presented in immersive detail. Spanning 4,800 square metres in a former airplane hangar designated as a Modern Monument by the Greek Ministry of Culture, the Experience Centre offers five thematic areas and more than 22 exhibits detailing the project, from its use as an airport and air force base to its stunning evolution into one of the world’s most innovative and ambitious urban development projects. Through a dynamic interactive experience, visitors can discover how the project is creating a global agora and a new model of residential, commercial, retail, recreational, and hospitality spaces and more through the themed areas of Living a New Era, Living in Nature, Living the Future, Living Smart, and Living by the Sea, all of which represent different aspects of the project.

Visitors take in the entirety of The Ellinikon’s grand scope through the largest interactive miniature model ever created in Greece in the Living a New Era exhibit, which includes more than 25,000 individual pieces at 1:625 scale. The Ellinikon’s greenspaces, next-generation designs, coastal lifestyle, and infrastructure projects, down to the individual streets and cycling paths, are captured in meticulous detail.

Adventurous guests can next cruise the rejuvenated coastline and see the beach, marina, and other landmarks virtually aboard a simulated speedboat at Living by the Sea and can experience the panoramic views of the park and coastline from four different residences at The Ellinikon. Visitors can learn about Living in Nature through a model of The Ellinikon Park, Europe’s largest coastal park comprising two million square metres of vibrant green space, as well as through a virtual bicycle tour on a section of the development’s pathways. This exhibit also presents a Botanical Library simulating the prevailing flora of the park while the Night Garden Dome imitates the park’s nightlife through light strips, sounds and scents that feel as real as the world outside.

Finally, Living the Future presents the innovative technologies and infrastructures that will make The Ellinikon the global standard-bearer of resilient urban development, such as through the transportation network that will make The Ellinikon a mobile, 15-minute city; bioclimatic architecture; and the water level sensors that will prevent flooding and promote coastal resilience and many more.

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