1-cell Li-Ion battery protection IC with temperature sensor

8th December 2023
Harry Fowle

Nisshinbo has launched the R5668 series 1-cell Li-Ion battery protection IC with incorporated additional safety measures and control functions.

These enhanced features make it an ideal choice for applications that demand a higher level of safety and reliability.

Temperature sensor input

The R5668 offers an additional input for connecting an external temperature sensor. This sensor measures the battery's temperature periodically during charging and discharging. In case the battery temperature exceeds a critical threshold and a predefined delay time, the IC responds by turning off both the charge and discharge MOSFETs, ensuring the safety of the battery. During this event, the IC switches to continuous temperature measurement mode to closely track the temperature level. This feature enhances the safety and reliability of battery-powered applications, preventing overheating and potential damage. Parameters for the charging and discharging temperature detection, hysteresis, and delay times are specified in the product version options.

Forced standby mode

The R5668 includes a second additional feature known as the Forced Standby Mode. This mode can be manually activated by connecting the CTLIO pin to a specific voltage or logic level. When enabled, the IC enters a low-power state with minimal current consumption, effectively preventing further battery discharge. This feature is particularly useful when products are shipped or stored for extended periods, ensuring that the battery remains charged and ready for initial use. The forced standby mode is disabled when connecting the device to a charger. The R5668 comes in a small WLCSP-8-P14 (L1.55 x W0.92 x H0.36 mm) package, suitable for small-sized portable devices.

Specifications of NL6012

  • Absolute Maximum Ratings: 12 V
  • Supply Current at Normal Mode: Typ.3.0 μA
  • Standby Current: Max.0.04 μA - Detector Selectable Range and Accuracy (Unless otherwise, Ta = 25°C)
  • Overcharge Detection Voltage (VDET1): 4.2 V to 4.6 V (in 0.001 V step, ±10mV
  • Overdischarge Detection Voltage (VDET2): 2.0 V to 3.4 V (in 0.005 V step, ±35mV)
  • Discharge Overcurrent Detection Voltage (VDET3): 0.010 V to 0.080 V, (0.010 V ≤ VDET3 ≤ 0.040 V: in 0.0005 V step, ±2mV / 0.040 V < VDET3 ≤ 0.060 V: in 0.0005 V step, ±5% / 0.060 V < VDET3 ≤ 0.080 V: in 0.0005 V step, ±3mV)
  • Charge Overcurrent Detection Voltage (VDET4): −0.010 V to −0.080 V, (−0.010 V ≤ VDET4 ≤ −0.040 V: in 0.0005 V step, ±2mV / −0.040 V < VDET4 ≤ -0.060 V: in 0.0005 V step, ±5% / −0.060 V < VDET4 ≤ -0.080 V: in 0.0005 V step, ±3mV)
  • Short-circuit Detection Voltage (VSHORT): 0.025 V ≤ VSHORT ≤ 0.100 V (in 0.001 V step, ±3mV), 0.100 V < VSHORT ≤ 0.125 V (in 0.001 V step, ±5mV)
  • Thermal Detection Temperature: 40°C to 85°C (in 5°C step, ±3°C)
  • 0 V Battery Charge Inhibition Voltage: 1.000 V to 2.000 V (in 0.010 V step, ±50mV)
  • Internal Fixed Output Delay Time:, Overcharge Detection Delay Time (tVDET1): 1024 ms / 2048 ms / 4096 ms, Overcharge Release Delay Time (tVREL1): 16 ms, Overdischarge Detection Delay Time (tVDET2): 16 ms / 32 ms / 128 ms
  • Discharge Overcurrent Detection Delay Time (tVDET3): 16 / 32 / 128 / 256 / 512 / 1024 ms
  • Charge Overcurrent Detection Delay Time (tVDET4): 8 / 16 ms
  • Short-circuit Detection Delay Time (tSHORT): 280 μs
  • Release Delay Time for Overdischarge, Discharge Overcurrent, Charge Overcurrent (tVREL2, tVREL3, tVREL4): 1.1 ms
  • Thermal Detection Delay Time (tTDET1/2): 1024 ms / 2048 ms / 4096 ms
  • Thermal Release Delay Time (tTREL1/2): 128 ms
  • Forced Standby Detection Delay Time: 16 ms / 256 ms
  • Forced Standby Release Delay Time: 1.1 ms

Optional functions

  • 0 V Battery Charging: Permission / Inhibition
  • Hysteresis for Overdischarge Release Voltage: Unavailable
  • Discharge Overcurrent Release Condition: Auto Release Type / Latch Type
  • Resistance for External NTC Thermistor: 100kΩ / 470kΩ
  • Temperature Monitoring: Non-sensing / Sensing Time: 512 ms / 10 ms
  • Package: WLCSP-8-P14 (L1.55 x W0.92 x H0.36 mm)

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