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SANS Institute launches new cybersecurity training for IT administrators

20th February 2023
Harry Fowle

SANS Security Awareness is proud to announce the launch of its new short-form technical training modules, ‘Security Essentials for IT Administrators.’ This series provides a comprehensive review of cybersecurity principles, specifically targeting those with a foundational understanding of IT systems and/or network administration to keep them up-to-date and knowledgeable in the constantly evolving cybersecurity landscape. Relevant training for this audience is essential in the overall security posture of an organisation as more IT professionals, such as network/system administrators and engineers, are taking on security responsibilities.

The series leverages learning objectives from popular SANS training courses such as SEC301, SEC388, SEC401, and SEC504, and is designed to increase awareness of the unique attack landscape that IT professionals face. This product line is available to organisations looking to improve their security knowledge and preparedness for purchase directly from SANS Security Awareness or accessible through Microsoft’s ‘Defender for Office 365’ package.

"The launch of the Security Essentials for IT Administrators course marks an exciting chapter in our mission to deliver high-quality security training to professionals in the industry, especially to these users who carry unique risk because of their privileged access and advanced skill set," said John Byrne, General Manager of SANS Security Awareness. "We are thrilled Microsoft identified SANS to provide this comprehensive technical content series to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to help protect against the most pressing security threats facing organisations across the globe. These modules offer a powerful solution to organisations seeking to bolster their security posture and streamline workforce management for technical teams.”

‘Security Essentials for IT Administrators’ is part of a larger family of short-format technical training offered by SANS Security Awareness, including secure code training modules for developers, industrial control system (ICS) engineer training, and NERC CIP compliance training. This series includes 12 modules of in-depth, task-specific training, with an average module run-time of 7.5 minutes, making it a quick and convenient way for network and system administrators to reinforce their understanding of fundamental security best practices.

"SANS Institute is proud to offer the Security Essentials for IT Administrators video series as a valuable resource for security engineers to enhance their understanding of the unique security challenges they face in their daily roles," said Keith Palmgren, SANS Senior Instructor and Author of the video series. "This training is an essential element in any security practitioner's toolkit and is a testament to SANS' commitment to providing the highest quality security training available."

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