Cyber Security

How are hackers controlling the world?

14th May 2019
Alex Lynn

While almost everyone uses the internet and believes they know what it is, few are actually well-versed not only with what the internet was supposed to be, but how it has transformed into a tool that is equally useful and dangerous. It’s a topic cyber security expert Keith Sutherland has worked at the heart of for four decades.

In his new book, ‘Hacking for Everyone?: An Introduction to Cyber Security’, Sutherland brings the layperson up to speed with the dangers they face, and how to safeguard themselves online.

The Internet and its associated technologies has steadily become a cornerstone of many peoples interaction with the world. It allows us to shop, bank, communicate, entertain ourselves and much more. It has provided a revolution in how we deal with everyday tasks and how we spend our free time.

Yet the Internet was designed in simpler times where many of the less desirable aspects that, sadly, we now take for granted were unimagined.

This book aims to uncover some of the fundamental aspects of how the Internet works and how these features lend themselves to the potential abuse and criminal activities that we all seem, sadly, to assume as normal.

The book:

  • Explains why the Internet and the World Wide Web are not the same.
  • Teaches how malware can infect your computers.
  • Introduces the Internet of Things (IOT).
  • Shows how your data propagates across the Internet.
  • Summarises the Deep Web and the Dark Web.
  • Looks at the principles of ransomware and cryptography.

“Everyone’s life is now heavily controlled by and embedded in the online world,” explained Sutherland. “Therefore, the information in my book has universal appeal and could literally save someone’s livelihood. I’m firm in my opinion that most people don’t take the threats seriously enough, simply because they don’t understand where they lay, so I’m passionate about making them aware of how to be safe in this rapidly-evolving world.

“The volume is split into sections covering things like email, social media, social engineering, ransomware and many other things people might not feel affects them, but most certainly do. I encourage everyone to buy a copy – it makes for vital and urgent reading.”

‘Hacking for Everyone?: An Introduction to Cyber Security’ is available now.

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