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Five tips on how to ensure cyber security

27th June 2019
Alex Lynn

Every time sitting at the computer, the user wants to perform the set task as quickly as possible (download or send something, find the necessary file). In pursuit of speed, defence mechanisms that put personal information or important data at risk are often completely ignored.

By Hillary Walker

Users’ security in cyberspace is becoming increasingly threatened. Cyber security seems to be a very complex process. Nevertheless visiting Cooltechzone, you will make sure it is enough to install special software and you will be able to not only safeguard yourself online, but also hide your IP by accessing any content completely anonymously.

Experts recommend developing a few good habits that will make it possible for you to feel safe online. It’s enough to spend an hour or two to start investing in your PC security and gain all the important skills.

Five tips on how to ensure safety

  1. Install VPN: Connecting to an unprotected public WiFi hotspot, your device can be easily hacked. Therefore, experts suggest to always connect to the web via VPN which passes all traffic through an encrypted communication channel with a trusted Internet connection.
  2. Enable two-factor authentication for online accounts: A banal password will not protect you when going online. It’s worth coming up with a strong password when creating an account on social media, creating an email, etc.
  3. Always lock your computer: It’s enough for hackers to just have a couple of minutes to connect to your device, that’s why it’s essential to always lock your PC in order to safeguard yourself.
  4. Encrypt information on your hard drive: Encrypting the disk means all data displayed in another system will be completely meaningless in case the hackers get to it. Disk encryption will provide an additional level of protection in case the laptop is lost or stolen.
  5. Check your wireless network security: Outdated security protocols are still used nowadays. Both WEP and even WPA are no longer considered secure since they use unreliable. If your router or wireless access point doesn’t support WPA2 and the AES encryption protocol, it’s time to replace them.

It’s worth keeping in mind cyber attacks are really dangerous for all the users. If you neglect safety measures, it will be easy for hackers to access your personal info.

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