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Evaluation confirms capabilities in detecting advanced attacks

16th October 2019
Alex Lynn

Cyber security provider F-Secure has successfully completed its first-round of the MITRE ATT&CK evaluation. The test assesses vendors’ endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions against techniques used by advanced persistent threat (APT) groups. It reportedly confirms that F-Secure’s capabilities to detect advanced threats are among the best in the industry. 

Round one of the evaluation involved a scenario that pitted F-Secure’s EDR capabilities against an entire intrusion by APT3, a China-based Advanced Persistent Threat group.

F-Secure’s modern cloud-based detection technology, data science, and continuous research deliver leading EDR capabilities. These excelled in a number of key areas over the course of testing, including telemetry coverage and detection coverage, all in real-time with zero delays. 

“Our results show that F-Secure both comprehensively detects a nation state threat actor such as APT3, and provides what is needed when it comes to data and detections,” said Alex Davies, F-Secure Senior Security Researcher. “Ensuring you have the right EDR tool is a key initial step, and building a mature security team to provide 24/7 monitoring and investigation to respond to a full range of threats will maximise the value it brings."

The comprehensive MITRE ATT&CK evaluation is a solid framework for independent testing of detection capabilities for post-compromise adversary tactics and techniques. 

While it provides EDR buyers and vendors with credible information about the strengths and limitations of a particular EDR solution, Tim Orchard, Head of F-Secure’s MDR Business Unit, has commented that comprehensive detection and response capabilities need to be tailored to the organisation and threats they face. EDR is just one key component in that fight.

“For some organisations, purchasing an EDR to support a strong team and set of processes is right for their overall security strategy,” Orchard explained. “For others - based on their size and ability to attract and retain high-calibre staff capable of thinking like attackers - it’s procuring a fully-managed service. F-Secure is proud to support this wide range of options, all underpinned by the technology that MITRE recognises as industry leading.”

F-Secure has a history of testing its own tooling and service against the techniques in the ATT&CK framework, while researching new attacker tactics and techniques. Being externally validated by such a well-respected organisation as MITRE is a mark of approval.

“We’re excited to continue our collaboration with MITRE in ATT&CK evaluation round two, which is based on APT29 attacks. Our researchers have been some of the key contributors to this,” Davies concluded.

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