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5th March 2020
Cyber attacks and ransomware unrelenting throughout 2019

Cyber criminals continued a barrage of cyber attacks in 2019, spurred on by botnets of infected IoT devices and by attacker interest in the Eternal Blue vulnerability. A new report from cyber security provider F-Secure, Attack Landscape H2 2019, documents a steep increase in attack traffic in 2019 that was unmatched by previous years.

Cyber Security
13th February 2020
Flash drive-sized single-board computer

Cyber security provider F-Secure’s hardware security professionals have created a new version of the USB armory, a single-board computer on a USB stick built from the ground up to be secure. The USB armory Mk II entrenches security in its lowest levels and is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as custom hardware security modules, and licensing tokens, that need the efficiency and flexibility of an embedded computer without sacr...

13th February 2020
Internet overwhelmed by identity theft worries

A new report from cyber security provider F-Secure has found that a steady barrage of major data breaches have left a vast majority of consumers worried about the online crimes that lead to identity theft and account takeovers.

30th January 2020
UK grant to research autonomous vehicle network security

Cyber security provider F-Secure has won a £25,000 grant to research the security of connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) networks. The research will leverage F-Secure Consulting’s expertise in securing critical national infrastructure to help the company contribute to the integrity and trustworthiness of the emerging CAV ecosystem.

Cyber Security
6th January 2020
Major vulnerabilities in popular wireless presentation system

Consultants with cyber security provider F-Secure have discovered several exploitable vulnerabilities in a popular wireless presentation system. Attackers can use the flaws to intercept and manipulate information during presentations, steal passwords and other confidential information, and install backdoors and other malware. 

Cyber Security
5th December 2019
Three quarters of consumers worried about internet privacy

Cyber security provider F-Secure and broadband networking solutions provider Zyxel are taking their cooperation to the next level by offering F-Secure SENSE connected home security to deliver fast, secure WiFi that protects against the growing number of threats targeting connected home devices.

Artificial Intelligence
26th November 2019
Why AI will be inhuman

Cyber security provider F-Secure has launched a new research project to further develop the decentralised AI mechanisms currently used in its detection and response technologies. The initiative, dubbed Project Blackfin, aims to leverage collective intelligence techniques, such as swarm intelligence, to create adaptive, autonomous AI agents that collaborate with each other to achieve common goals.

Cyber Security
20th November 2019
Helping Europe’s telecom providers secure smart homes

Cyber security provider F-Secure has joined ETIS, an organisation that facilitates cooperation between companies working in the European telecommunications sector. As an associate member of ETIS, F-Secure hopes to contribute its cyber security expertise to help stakeholders collectively address security challenges facing the telecommunications industry and its customers.

Cyber Security
16th October 2019
Research-led cyber security consultancy goes global

Cyber security provider F-Secure has launched a new consultancy unit bringing the company’s research-led cyber security services to organisations all over the world. F-Secure Consulting’s global team of cyber security consultants use technical research to secure current and emerging technologies, defend organisations from attacks, and drive the cyber security industry forward. 

Cyber Security
16th October 2019
Evaluation confirms capabilities in detecting advanced attacks

Cyber security provider F-Secure has successfully completed its first-round of the MITRE ATT&CK evaluation. The test assesses vendors’ endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions against techniques used by advanced persistent threat (APT) groups. It reportedly confirms that F-Secure’s capabilities to detect advanced threats are among the best in the industry. 

Cyber Security
7th October 2019
Attacks using IoT devices and Windows SMB escalate in 2019

Cyber criminals upped the intensity of IoT and SMB-related attacks in the first half of 2019, according to a new F-Secure report, ‘Attack Landscape H1 2019’. The report underscores the threats IoT devices face if not properly secured when online, as well as the continued popularity of EternalBlue and related exploits two years after WannaCry.

Cyber Security
30th August 2019
Shaping connected home security standards

F-Secure has joined Broadband Forum, the communications industry’s organisation focused on accelerating broadband innovation, standards, and ecosystem development, to better serve communication service providers and secure its wireless home offerings better in the battle against ever-increasing cyber threats. 

Cyber Security
13th August 2019
Serious security issue in F5’s BIG-IP could lead to cyber breaches

Cyber security provider F-Secure is advising organisations using F5 Networks’ BIG-IP load balancer, which is popular amongst governments, banks, and other large corporations, to address security issues in some common configurations of the product.

Cyber Security
9th August 2019
Cyber security in finance sector faces broad range of threats

The latest in cyber security news from F-Secure tells us that while today’s thieves use cyber attacks instead of Tommy Guns to steal money from financial institutions, the range of threats facing organisations working directly and indirectly with the global finance sector go far beyond traditional theft.

Cyber Security
5th August 2019
Managed detection solution Countercept wins €2m deal

F-Secure’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution Countercept has won a multi-year deal worth than more than EUR 2m to defend a major European enterprise customer. Aiming to tackle the fact that despite significant investments in cyber security, many businesses still leave their doors wide open to cyber attacks and struggle with the basics.

Cyber Security
13th May 2019
IoT hackers rely on well-known weaknesses

The internet of things explosion has proven controversial due to the insufficient security measures in many of these internet-connected devices. And a new report from cyber security provider F-Secure finds that threats and the number of attacks continue to increase, but still rely on well-known security weaknesses, such as unpatched software and weak passwords. 

Cyber Security
9th May 2019
Security engineering awarded IEC 62243 certifications

The cyber security provider, F-Secure, has earned two new International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) certifications that recognise the company’s expertise in developing secure components for industrial control systems (ICSs). The certifications, IEC-62243-4-1 and IEC-62243-4-2, define the cyber security requirements for the development lifecycles and products used in industrial control and automation systems.

Cyber Security
16th April 2019
Energy industry vulnerable to increased cyber espionage

  Malicious actors are targeting critical infrastructure (CNI) sites and energy distribution facilities exponentially. Interconnected systems in the energy industry increase vulnerabilities, and cyber attacks often go undetected for some time. 

9th April 2019
Brexit Twitter mischief supported by global far right

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms play a big role in shaping popular opinion. But they’ve opened a Pandora’s box of potential disinformation and manipulation of the public. After investigating 24 million tweets related to Brexit, cyber security provider F-Secure has identified efforts to amplify pro-leave Brexit views by far-right Twitter users based outside of the United Kingdom.

Cyber Security
5th April 2019
Attack traffic up by 32% in 2018

New research from cyber security provider F-Secure reports a significant increase in attack traffic in the latter half of 2018. But while attacks are increasing, it seems many companies are struggling with incident detection. Attack traffic observed by F-Secure’s network of decoy honeypots in 2018 increased by 32% over the previous year, and increased fourfold in the latter half of 2018 compared with the first half of the year. 

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