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System covers the entire rework process

20th October 2016
Peter Smith

Weller's WTQB 1000 SMD rework system provided an efficient tool for covering the entire rework process: Desoldering, pad cleaning, positioning and soldering. With an integrated camera, Wellers says even the smallest components can be positioned and repaired manually – with maximum precision.

The system can perform the entire rework process, involving preheating, desoldering, pad cleaning, positioning and soldering of components ranging from 1 x 1 mm to 42 x 42 mm in size. BGA components can optionally also be refitted with solder balls on the WTQB 1000, a process which is known as "reballing".

The camera-based positioning system makes it possible to precisely align and position the component in relation to the PCB and the pads. On the positioning arm, the component can be manually aligned in relation to the X, Y, Z and theta axes by means of precision adjustment.

What the company describes as user-friendly software makes installing and using the rework station simple. All working profiles can be individually created and adjusted and can be called up again at any time. The unit is ESD-safe and therefore prevents delicate components from being damaged, which means that it can be used in sensitive installation areas.

The repair system is equipped with a built-in infrared preheater with four settings, and a manually adjustable positioning arm with a vacuum pipette for lifting components. This can be positioned at any point on the work surface and is easy to use. Numerous tool attachments can be easily fitted to the tool arm bracket.

The flexibility of the rework system enables it to be used as a hand-held hot air iron, as a desoldering device or as a suction device for removing old solder. The WTQB 1000 integrates all of the applications of an automatic repair/rework system, but is more convenient and easier to operate than a fully automatic system.

The WTQB 1000 is a new addition to Weller's range of tools in the form of a powerful, manual rework system. The WTQB 1000 is ready to use on delivery thanks to its basic equipment and can optionally be extended by a wide range of accessories.

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