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PCB Cleaners introduced at NEPCON 2017

25th April 2017
Anna Flockett

Introducing its three new circuit board cleaners, MicroCare will be at the enormous NEPCON Shanghai Exposition in April 2017. These products use novel chemical formulations not previously on the market from any vendor to help companies lower their PCB cleaning costs, improve product quality and meet ever-more stringent regulatory obligations.

The three new flux removers are the Universal Flux Remover, the Universal Contact Cleaner and the Polar Flux Remover:

  • The Universal Flux Remover, is a highly effective cleaner for the high-temperature lead-free fluxes and solders pastes that can be difficult to clean. It is a moderately strong cleaner, which is to say it is strong enough to clean the PCBs but not so strong as to attack plastics or components.
  • The Universal Contact Cleaner,is formulated for flushing dust and grime from electrical contacts, relays, switches and circuits. It is non-conductive, fast-drying, non-flammable with excellent materials compatibility.
  • The Polar Flux Remover, is the most aggressive fluid and is excellent at cleaning heavy, aged fluxes found in PCB repairs.

Companies will prefer all of these cleaners because they are highly effective, long-term answers to the difficult cleaning issues facing production engineers today. These fluids are compliant with all current environmental, health and safety regulations.

This means engineers can specify a high-performance benchtop cleaning process today and not worry about the issue again, perhaps for decades, which saves time and money. The three products also are engineered to be compliant with the new Chinese environmental regulations and compliant with new Chinese safety and labelling rules.

To purchase the Chinese versions of these products, the specific part number for the Universal Contact Cleaner is MCC-CCH10Y, the Universal Flux Remover is MCC-UFR10Y and the Polar Flux Remover is MCC-PFR10Y.

These cleaners also help companies to save money because they can be used with the TriggerGrip cleaning system from MicroCare. The TriggerGrip system helps make each can of solvent last longer while enhancing user ergonomics, which enables operators to clean more quickly, more safely and with less fatigue.

The TriggerGrip system eliminates wasteful spraying which eliminates hazardous fumes, so the workplace is safer. And, when the aerosols are empty they are engineered to be easily recycled.

More details can be found at the MicroCare team stand at NEPCON on, booth 1D23.

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