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MEGATRON launches compact high-resolution optical incremental encoders

8th November 2023
Kristian McCann

MEGATRON has introduced its latest series of optical incremental encoders, the SPF and SPFH, designed to deliver a spectrum of resolutions in an exceptionally compact form. 

Suited for both solid and hollow shaft applications, these encoders are engineered to fit into the most space-constrained environments without compromising on performance, making them perfectly suited for high-precision sectors such as medical technology, metrology, instrumentation, and robotics.

The SPF model boasts a diminutive housing diameter of just 16 mm and a depth of 9.83 mm for the solid shaft variant, while the SPFH model, catering to hollow shaft applications, measures an even slimmer 8.92 mm in depth. With resolution options ranging from 250 to 4096 pulses per revolution, these encoders are tailored for situations where space is a critical factor.

For durability, the SPF encoders come with the option of ball bearings, promising an extended operational lifespan. Alternatively, sleeve bearings are available for manual control tasks, delivering a tactile feedback that is both precise and pleasing to the touch. The SPF series also offers versatility in shaft diameters—3.175 mm, 6 mm, and 6.35 mm—enabling their application in scenarios traditionally reserved for potentiometers.

The SPFH model, functioning as a kit encoder, integrates seamlessly with the shaft of the device and supports a maximum operating speed of 48,000 rpm, variable by pulse count. This model features a unique clip-on encoder disc, accommodating shaft diameters of 1.5 mm or 2 mm, streamlining the assembly process.

Both the SPF and SPFH encoders connect electrically via a 5-pin connector with a 0.8 mm pitch, providing a robust TTL signal output, including A, B, and Z (index) signals, ensuring reliable performance across various applications.

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