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Easy programming for small batch/prototype assembly

7th April 2014
Nat Bowers

Offering precise placement of all SMD components from 01005 up to large and complex components on a single machine, the Paraquda2 has been announced by Essemtec. This system provides an unmatched combination of minimal programming effort and, equipped with two high-speed placement axes, it is able to place up to 10,500cph.

Not only the placement speed, but the flexibility of component parts and PCB formats, as well as the ease of programming and the reliability of the assembly from lot size 1 are the decisive criteria for small batch/ prototype production.

The programming of small series and prototypes is done via a direct, universal import of CAD data. The programming effort is reduced to a minimum thanks to the included, comprehensive component library. If there is no CAD data available, the unique virtual graphical overlay ensures the correctness of a program quickly and precisely. The graphical inspection prior to the first production ensures that even lot sizes 1 can be produced correctly. Thanks to various offline-software modules, new jobs can be programmed offline without interrupting production. By means of using an integrated licensing model, additional modules from inventory management, connection to storage systems, production simulation and process monitoring, to complete traceability solutions or ERP connections, can be added if necessary.

The Paraquda2 is available with the option of dispensing and jet-dispensing valves for solder paste and/or adhesive applications. The integration of various systems directly into an automatic pick-and-place machine from the Paraquda family allows all the requirements for a flexible production of prototypes. It enables the possibility of stencil-free production and deliveries of boards on the day of the order intake. The system is equipped with up to 240 feeder slots. With the high number of intelligent, barcode-guided feeders it is possible to leave common components permanently on the machine. Alternatively, it is conceivable to prepare the next job on the machine while production is running. This hot swap concept guarantees uninterrupted changeovers without expensive feeder carts and with much lower component inventory levels.

The system can be operated with the FLX/CLM-feeder - the same feeder that is installed on more than 1,200 FLX assembly systems worldwide. These feeders are the ideal successor product for existing customers. Similarly, the Paraquda2 can also be operated with the new, high-precision and fast hyQ feeders from Essemtec. This makes it ready for future needs. The combination of the different feeder types thus offers the greatest flexibility in terms of costs and benefits - with long-term investment protection.

In case of an increase in throughput, the Paraquda2 can be equipped with two additional placement heads. This upgrade can be done at any time on machines that have already been installed, ensuring the initial investment. For customers who need only temporary increased capacity, it is possible to rent a four Z-axes placement head for peak times.

Visit Essemtec at booth 7.211 at SMT/HYBRID/PACKAGING 2014, to learn more about the about the 3-in-1 multifunctional SMT system.

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