Point One Navigation announces Polaris location services in South Korea

23rd January 2024
Kristian McCann

Point One Navigation, a precision positioning platform, has announced the expansion of its Polaris Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) location network to South Korea. This development enables businesses and application developers in the region to access centimetre-accurate location services, enhancing the precision of location data for their projects.

The Polaris network promises comprehensive coverage across South Korea, with existing customers able to immediately benefit from the integration.

Polaris: centimetre-accurate GNSS

Point One's Polaris, an RTK corrections network, facilitates GNSS positioning with centimetre-level accuracy. The system offers precision ranging from 10 cm to as fine as 1 cm, overcoming challenges in environments like urban canyons and areas with obstructed sky views. While standard GNSS systems face position uncertainty due to factors like atmospheric signal delay, satellite orbit variation, clock drift, and signal multipath, the Polaris network significantly diminishes these uncertainties using additional data from compact base stations.

Enhancing this precision, Point One's Nav FusionEngine software integrates inertial measurement, wheel odometry, and other sensors to maintain accuracy even without satellite signals.

With FusionEngine software, the Polaris network provides cost-effective precision location services, suitable for autonomy and robotics applications. The network supports all major GNSS constellations and boasts an extensive global network of base stations covering the United States, Europe, New Zealand, South Korea, and parts of Canada and Australia. It is compatible with all modern navigation signals, ensuring maximum performance across various devices.

GraphQL-based API

Developers can effortlessly integrate the Polaris RTK network and FusionEngine software using the robust, standardised GraphQL API.

Integration of Polaris RTK into applications developed by users is now a matter of minutes, thanks to the GraphQL API. The Polaris RTK network is well-suited for high-demand applications in fields such as Industrial Autonomy, Precision Agriculture, Logistics and Delivery, Robotics, and ADAS.

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