MP3 Bluetooth connected toothbrush solution

24th April 2019
Alex Lynn

Electric toothbrushes are following the trend of adding BLE connectivity and various sensors for habits tracking and control. Additional audio playback through MP3 streaming can enhance the experience especially for younger users. With Dialog Semiconductor, highly efficient fast charging can be added in addition to the BLE DA14683 integrated lower power charger.

Standard User Interface functions can be realised using GreenPAKs as these can be configured as state-machines, timers, capacitive touch controls and numerous other functions. 

This is especially useful to create a system platform that can operate with and without a BLE device and without writing software and having to verify its safety under various conditions. 

Advanced AC/DC power adapters solutions from Dialog Semiconductor offer a wide range of power levels with leading edge safety features and a minimised BOM.

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