Maxim Integrated Products announces 2000MHz to 3000MHz SiGe passive mixer

17th November 2009
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Maxim has introduced the MAX2042, the industry's highest performance, fully integrated, 2000MHz to 3000MHz SiGe passive mixer. Designed specifically for LTE, WiMAX, WCS, and MMDS wireless-infrastructure applications, the MAX2042 delivers an unparalleled combination of linearity, noise performance, and component integration. When configured as a downconverter, this IC provides 36dBm of IIP3, 23.4dBm of IP1dB, 7.2dB of conversion loss, and a 7.3dB noise figure. In addition, it exhibits excellent 2nd- and 3rd-order spurious suppression. As an upconverter, the MAX2042 delivers equally impressive performance with 32.4dBm of IIP3, 67dBc of LO ±2IF suppression, and a conversion loss of only 6.8dB. Together, these parameters make the MAX2042 ideal for demanding base-station applications where high linearity and a low noise figure are critical for enhanced receiver and transmitter performance.
As a complete SiGe up-/downconverter, the MAX2042 integrates a state-of-the-art, double-balanced mixer core with an LO amplifier and two baluns, plus dozens of discrete components. This integration reduces the total board space used by the mixer by 40%; it reduces the discrete part count by 33%. The MAX2042's outstanding 2RF-2LO performance of 70dBc (with a -10dBm RF tone) also eases the filtering requirements of close-in harmonics, thus enabling simpler and more cost-effective filter designs.

This mixer offers an exceptionally wide 50MHz to 500MHz IF frequency range with an 1800MHz to 3000MHz, low-side LO injection range. The on-board 0dBm drive LO buffer provides ±3dB drive-variance control, thus ensuring stable gain, NF, and IIP3 performance over temperature, supply, and input power. The MAX2042 has excellent gain-variation performance of ±0.44dB over the -40 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius industrial temperature range. The IIP3 spread is similarly impressive at ±0.5dB over temperature.

The MAX2042 is packaged in a compact, 5mm x 5mm, lead-free, 20-pin TQFN. The package is pin compatible to the MAX2029/MAX2031/MAX2039/MAX2041/MAX2042A*/MAX2044 series of mixers. This entire family of passive up-/downconverters is ideal for applications in which a common PC-board layout is used for both wireless-infrastructure frequency bands.

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