Kontron Industrial Silent Server KISS 4U KTC5520 brings latest dual Intel Xeon performance to extended environmental conditions

24th June 2010
ES Admin
Kontron's first industrial server offering a feature-rich integrated Extended ATX motherboard, the Kontron Industrial Silent Server KISS 4U KTC5520, is a highly robust and long-term available open standard platform, offering up to dual Intel Xeon 5600 Series processors. Up to 12 processing cores designed with new 32 nm technology offer high performance density and make it a perfect fit for virtualization functionality, allowing formerly separate apps to be moved onto a single, cost-effective system.
Compared to conventional servers, a unique feature of the Kontron Industrial Silent Server KISS 4U KTC5520 is its ability to operate in harsh environmental conditions. It features an operating temperature range of 0° to 50°C, an operating humidity range of 10-95%, all-around IP 20 protection (optionally upgradeable to IP 52 at the front), and high shock and vibration protection, which makes the server perfect for applications where more ruggedized systems are necessary. Data center managers and OEMs will benefit from the Kontron KISS 4U KTC5520's high quality design, manufacturing, high MTBF classification, and manageability, all contributing to lower total cost of ownership. Standard applications for the rugged and extremely silent embedded server include medical, industrial imaging and military applications, as well as high end audio processing, storage, and simulation applications.

Network managers benefit from the server board's built-in ability to be fully remotely managed, which contributes to high system availability and convenient service. The Integrated Management Processor (IMP) offers VGA/2D, BMC, and KVM/VM over IP (iKVM) to support real-time access with full control by keyboard, video monitor and mouse (KVM) and virtual media (VM) by a single local computer from anywhere, at any time. IPMI 2.0 compliant using IPMI over LAN, the server board provides the OS-independent and cross-platform interface for monitoring the server system's temperature, voltage, and fan status, among other items, and permits out-of-band management even when the main processors are not powered-on. Additionally, three hot-swappable chassis fans on the front of the unit make for easy maintainability.

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