JetNet 6059G Ruggedized 9-port full gigabit managed switches Extend Intelligent Traffic Control Networks through High-Speed & Real-time Connectivity

11th April 2011
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Korenix JetNet 6059G series are 9-port Full Gigabit Managed ruggedized switches with an exclusive interface design of 4 Giga Copper and 5 Giga Combo ports for high-speed and extended network infrastructures in large scale Intelligent Traffic Control applications.
The 5 RJ45/SFP combo ports provide 100Mbps or 1000Mbps fiber/copper connections allowing users to configure the device in different port combinations to perfectly meet users’ specific application needs. To ensure the high quality of uplink connection, the combo ports support SFP transceivers with Digital Diagnostic Monitoring (DDM) technology that allows monitoring high quality fiber transmission in long distance installations.

The ruggedized switches support Korenix patented Multiple Super Ring and the exclusive MultiRing technologies, which allow aggregating up to 4 gigabit/Fast Ethernet copper & fiber rings, and therefore guaranteeing extended reliable data transmission without any data loss. Besides, to assure the network reliability for a broader market, and to be compatible with commercial and industrial type switches, the JetNet 6059G series provide MSTP / RSTP network redundancy technologies as well.

For efficiently managing the networks by performing auto device discovery, topology visualization, network event and status management etc…, the JetNet 6059G series support LLDP and perfectly work with Korenix’s NMS, the JetView Pro i2NMS. The combination of various enhanced management and security features, such as the 256 VLANs, Private VLAN/QinQ, DHCP option 82,…… furthermore ensure highest quality and secure data transmission inside the networking infrastructure in a real-time basis.

Designed in a NEMA-TS2 compliant enclosure with isolated console port for excellent ESD, surge and insulation protection and with a -40~75oC (JetNet 6059G-w) temperature range and 10.5~60VDC power input, the switches become ideal ruggedized solutions for reliably carrying data under toughest conditions of intelligent traffic control systems, transportation systems, wind power plants, etc.

The key features of JetNet 6059G are:

4 Gigabit copper ports, 5 Gigabit copper/SFP combo ports to extend
Giga Copper/Fiber uplink or redundant Ring connection
Fiber SFP w/ DDM to monitor long distance fiber communication quality
Isolated Console port to protect the device by Negative power input
Patented MSR®, 4 MultiGigaRings for critical data stream redundancy
LLDP and JetView Pro i2NMS ensure auto topology visualization
and efficient network management
256 VLANs, Private VLAN, QinQ, DHCP Option 82 for efficient
and secure management and reliable data transmission
NEMA TS2 compliance (pending)
Dual redundant 10~60VDC power inputs for system reliability
Hi-pot isolation and -25~70oC (JetNet 6059G), -40~75oC (JetNet 6059G-w)
operating temperature for harsh environments

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