CES Launches High Performance and Highly Customizable FPGA Processor Board

9th May 2013
ES Admin
CES today announced the FIOV-2310, a 3U OpenVPX module with a Xilinx Kintex-7 325T/410T user-programmable FPGA at its core. The FIOV-2310 allows the flexible configuration of the high-speed links between the FMC connector and various VPX backplane profiles making it suitable for the most demanding and complex applications.
“The FIOV-2310 is all about customization, from the Kintex-7 FPGA to the addition of FMC I/O modules, everything is programmable by the user,” stated Hervé Garchette, CEO, CES. “The high performance and the customization capability make this an excellent component for the creative electronic system designer.”

The Kintex-7 FPGA makes it possible to program the backplane interconnect to any of the popular serial fabric protocols. Several configurations are available to support nearly any backplane and I/O configuration. PCI Express support is built-in, while other protocols can also be implemented in the fabric, including SRIO, SFPDP and Ethernet (up to 10GbE). Onboard clock generators are provided for high precision timing applications, and clock inputs and outputs are available for external synchronization and to improve high-speed signal integrity.

The high-pin count FMC connector allows access to a wide range of standard FMC modules from CES partners and third parties, including high-end ADCs and DACs, optical and electrical connectors, and a wide range of avionic and industrial interfaces. 80 LVDS signals and up to 8 high-speed links are available to the FMC.

A standard element of the CES OpenVPX family, the FIOV-2310 is compatible with the other 3U VPX boards from CES, including the ETS-8227 multi-protocol switch, the RIOV-2440 single board computer, and the VCP-2864 JPEG 2000 Codec module. An Advanced Board Management Controller is implemented for VITA 46.11 support, configuration management, event logging and other supporting tasks. It is fully compatible with the CES Configuration, Load and Monitor tool.

The FIOV-2310 module has options for air-cooled and conduction-cooled operating environments.

Software support packages are available for Integrity, Linux and VxWorks operating systems. IP can be developed using the Xilinx ISE Design Software and controlled by the software API.

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