Beamforming RFIC suits Ku/CDL-Band antenna

26th October 2021
Mick Elliott

An active beamforming RFIC from Renesas is now in stock at distributor RFMW with full design support.

The F6123S is a sixteen-channel, dual-beam receive active beamforming RFIC designed for application in Ku/CDL-Band (14 to 17 GHz) planar phased array antennas.

It has eight RF input ports, two RF output ports and 16 (8 per beam) phase/amplitude control channels.

The eight input ports of the F6123S may be driven by eight single-polarized elements or four dual-polarised elements of an electronically scanned array (ESA).

Each channel has 6-bits of digital phase and gain control resolution spanning 360° and 26 dB of dynamic range, enabling precise beam pattern and polarisation control.

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