Weld-slag cables achieve UL oil resistance II compliance

26th May 2017
Alice Matthews

Two types of cables from Flamar, a Molex company, have achieved new approvals which expand the potential use in food & beverage and industrial automation. Weld-Slag and Oil-Resistant (WSOR) cables from Flamar are now compatible with Ecolab products. The cables underwent through tests at Ecolab laboratories, including multiple weeks of being exposed and immersed in detergents and disinfectants used across the world in the food and beverage industry. 

The chemicals did not harm the cables, allowing them to earn this important approval. “We are very proud to announce the Flamar WSOR cables have been declared Ecolab compatible and could fulfill what our customers need,” said Elio Bonetti, Business Development Manager, Molex. “In the Ecolab testing, our WSOR cables were also exposed to operating pressure of water jets, typically used for the surface cleaning treatment in food and beverage industries. The cables proved to be compatible with wash down at 25 bars and 45°C.”

This new feature is available on all WSOR cables produced by Flamar which are also UL AWM / CSA recognised: Signal & Control (series 155220, 155221), Servo Motor (155321), Network (155421).

Flamar Power-Limited Tray Cables (PLTC) for drag chain installation also recently earned the title of Oil Resistant II from UL. The Oil Resistant II mark means the cables are suitable for a wider range of applications than before, while giving users the ability to consolidate the amount of cables needed to fulfill their necessary tasks.

To earn the UL Oil Resistant II mark, the Flamar PLTC cables were immersed for 60 days at 75°C in oil and their physical properties at the end of the test period still fulfilled the UL specifications. It is worth mentioning that this family of PLTC cables are also able to resist up to 20 million cycles in drag chain (as per tests performed at Flamar laboratory). The combination of both features shows how Flamar PLTC cables could hold up to the toughest conditions in an industrial automation environment. These cables are proposed as custom products.

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