Supporting industrial networking from sensor to the cloud

8th November 2019
Anna Flockett

Belden will demonstrate at SPS 2019 how the company can support industrial network designers, installers and managers from sensor to the cloud for applications that save costs and time whilst delivering maximum productivity and up-time. The Belden booth will feature an application wall, highlighting the company’s vision of future industrial communication networks, based on multiple real applications - not just theoretical constructs. 

The Belden team will be on hand to demonstrate how they can deliver connectivity solutions that will help to leverage the benefits of increased network availability and dependability, even while adapting to new and changing technologies.

Belden's portfolio, comprising Belden, Hirschmann, Lumberg Automation, Tofino, GarrettCom, and Tripwire products, offers hundreds of products for thousands of connections – all working seamlessly.

Throughout the show, Belden’s experienced team of experts will be on hand to talk about specific projects, helping to increase network bandwidth, cost effectiveness, accuracy, flexibility, ease-of-use and dependability.

In addition, the Belden team will present a number of new products and technologies from its Belden, Hirschmann and Lumberg Automation product ranges designed to enhance the productivity of industrial systems and machines. These include:

  • Hirschmann Next Generation Compact Managed BOBCAT PoE Switches Designed for applications in need of maximum power without device limitations, these next generation compact switches provide Power over Ethernet (PoE/PoE+) with up to 240 W and real-time communication through time-sensitive networking (TSN) technology on all ports. They provide advanced security to help manufacturers build next generation networks.
  • Hirschmann EAGLE40 Next Generation Industrial Firewall The ruggedized multiport EAGLE40 next generation firewall offers a comprehensive cybersecurity solution to maximize uptime in today’s stringent automated environments. Evolving alongside data transfer demands, EAGLE 40 includes more port options with increased bandwidth and encryption capabilities. Supporting both OSPF dynamic routing and VRRP router redundancy, the device is an economically-sound approach to maximize uptime, regardless of network throughput. The industrial firewall incorporates the Hirschmann Security Operating System (HiSecOS) and DPI modules to offer a customizable, around-the-clock solution that meets an infrastructure’s unique cybersecurity demands.
  • Belden Drives Single Pair Ethernet Ahead Offering Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) technology together with Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) capability, this lighter, thinner cable is the future: capable of Power over Data Lines (PoDL) and signal and power reach of up to 1000 meters, this is one cable and one network type that any sensor or actuator can get power from, and any sensor or actuator can talk to. Used in conjunction with a unique SPE protocol for encoding and scrambling data, industrial and process networks benefit from lower electromagnetic interference (EMI), lower cost, reduced cabling weight, and higher bandwidth.

As an early innovator in industrial Ethernet, Belden knows industrial IT and delivers the next generation of industrial networking solutions, including wired, wireless and embedded products. With its global brands – Hirschmann, GarrettCom and Tofino Security – Belden helps companies minimise down-time and take advantage of the real-time data access and control made possible by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Through a seamless, secure and scalable industrial Ethernet infrastructure, companies are equipped to revolutionise their operations and achieve improved efficiency, productivity and agility.

In a world moving toward new levels of interoperability made possible by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), visibility is vital to operators as they face increasing demands to receive, analyse and share data. Belden’s industrial connectivity solutions address these needs head on. With more connected machines, rising data volumes and increasing productivity demands, customers can count on Belden cable and Lumberg Automation and Hirschmann industrial connectors for a complete communications infrastructure designed to last. Belden’s customised systems provide high levels of performance and reliability to help a wide range of industrial automation applications handle the growth of intelligent, networked devices and robust analytics.

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