Single-port RJ45 suits automated reflow-solder assembly

4th May 2016
Nat Bowers

Augmenting its magnetic jack product offering, Molex has announced the introduction of the MXMag Gigabit Single-Port RJ45 connector. With options suitable for automated reflow-solder assembly, the integrated magnetic jack provides OEMs with a high-speed assembly solution without compromising the robust and reliable through-hole PCB connection.

Manufacturers under pressure to increase productivity while reducing overall costs are looking to fully automate their assembly lines. Historically, RJ45 connectors with integrated magnetics are hand placed and wave soldered to ensure that the through-hole PCB connection is robust and reliable.

Patrick Tunn, Global Product Manager, Molex, commented: “Transitioning to pick-and-place magnetic jacks must not compromise the quality of through-hole solder joints and must offer the customer competitive product pricing. The MXMag Gigabit Single-Port RJ45 connector is designed specifically for automated reflow-solder assembly processes, providing an alternative custom magnetic RJ45 jack solution for OEMs looking to lower component placement costs without the need for an expensive PCB redesign.”

Capable of 10/100/1000Mb transmission speeds, the magnetic jack is available with varied pin assignments, circuits, LEDs and EMI shield options to meet requirements for the majority of right-angle custom magnetics. Suitable for both commercial (0 to +70­°C) and industrial (-40 to +85°C) operating temperatures, applications can be varied, from set-top boxes and point-of-sale terminals to security cameras and vision equipment. Typical industry applications cover the industrial, infrastructure, commercial, telecomms and networking sectors.

Other notable features of the MXMag Gigabit Single-Port RJ45 connector are its compact size, with a depth of just 21.56mm (0.85") and robust design: “Developed with the highest mechanical, electrical and environmental performance features in mind, the magnetic jack is tested to withstand 2,500 mating cycles, which is more than three times that of comparable products on the market currently for use in high-vibration environments and mission critical applications,” added Tunn.

Multiple packaging options are available to support OEMs during their transition to automated assembly processes - tape and reel packaging for pick-and-place and tray packaging for standard assembly.

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