Samtec introduces new slim body Edge Rate connectors

14th February 2024
Sheryl Miles

Samtec has expanded its line of Edge Rate board-to-board connectors to include a higher density mated set that is half the width of previous designs and offers a lower-profile 5mm mated height (ERF6 and ERM6 Series).

ERF6 and ERM6 Series Edge Rate connectors support 56Gbps PAM4 high-speed, rugged mezzanine applications for industrial, embedded vision, instrumentation and monitoring, drones, and robotics.

Small and rugged

ERF6 and ERM6 have two rows of pins while maintaining an extremely narrow body width of 2.5mm. Body length is 11mm to 42.8mm with a 0.635mm centreline. Available positions for each row are 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60. This makes customisation of products easy while still allowing for quick delivery.

If pull and shear force are a concern, weld tabs are available within the standard part number configuration.

Despite its very low profile of 5mm, the connectors still allow 0.90mm of nominal contact wipe for a reliable connection.

To ensure connectors are consistently aligned properly, polarizing features are moulded into the connector body. As represented in the Product Spec Sheet, ERF6 and ERM6 products allow for angular and linear misalignment.

To further secure the two mating mezzanine cards, board stacking standoffs are available through Samtec (search for Samtec’s SureWare brand).

Contact system

Samtec’s Edge Rate family of products use a contact system that extends cycle life, increases durability, and lowers insertion and withdrawal forces. It also has superior electrical performance compared to traditional stamped contacts. These benefits are achieved by using the flat smooth-milled side of the contact for the mating surface, instead of the cut-edge which can have rough microscopic edges and burrs. The narrow edge of the contacts are aligned within the connector body to reduce broadside coupling and crosstalk. The contact tail uses standard surface mount J leads for ease of processing onto the printed circuit board.

Free product samples and model downloads

Samtec offers free 3D model downloads and free product samples. 3D models are available for download at samtec in more than 150 formats, including AutoCad, Solid Edge, and Inventor.

Free sample requests or configure and download 3D models directly from the Series page on the Samtec website.

To view Samtec’s complete line of Edge Rate high-speed, rugged connector strips (0.50mm, 0.635mm and 0.80mm centerlines) visit the website.

Product availability

Samtec’s ERF6 and ERM6 Series products are available direct or through distribution.

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