Relay sockets from Switchtec reduce production time and are safer under vibration conditions

28th September 2007
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Reducing installation time and providing a vibration resistant connection are Hongfa screwless sockets available from Switchtec. The sockets are a boon to panel builders who are constantly striving to reduce production time whilst improving performance and adding value. Aimed at panel builders, OEMs, CEMs, equipment manufacturers and machine builders, the sockets are designed to be used with Hongfa’s popular HF115F and HF18FH plug in relays, and can be used in any application where control applications need to be wired in quickly and securely.
Standard sockets’ use of normal screw technology is a time consuming process, having to ensure that all terminals are tightened securely and correctly to the specified level. Tool little pressure and wires can vibrate out, too much and copper conductors can be crushed and severed.

The use of the screwless socket removes this process, speeding up panel assembly times, therefore reducing man-hours and increasing productivity. A second purpose or benefit is for use in areas of high vibration. Traditional screw technology is susceptible to vibration, causing the screw to work loose, resulting in panel or product failure, leading to costly repair bills and call out charges. When using Hongfa’s screwless sockets, the cable is clamped by metal springs arms that are under a constant tension, ensuring a safe and reliable connection that is much less susceptible to vibration.

Aiding identification and deployment during manufacture and later in service, the screwless sockets are supplied complete with a white identification label and a relay ejector and retaining clip. All Hongfa sockets are suitable for mounting on 35mm Din rail (EN50022), they all carry the CE mark and all terminals are rated to IP20 ‘touch proof’.

The sockets are rated at 10A per pole and feature a generous ambient temperature range of –40 to +70 degrees C. For safety and reliability the sockets feature a 5000VAC insulation performance, they are rated at 250VAC and are made from a self-extinguishing high-grade plastic material.

Together with Hongfa’s vast range of relays for all applications, the screwless sockets are available ex-stock from Switchtec on short delivery times from its midlands based head office.

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