Radiall’s Contact Design Lowers the Costs of ARINC 600 Connectors

14th December 2010
ES Admin
Aimed at helping manufacturers achieve costs reductions, the new Radiall NSX series Size 22 socket contact helps reduce the cost of ARINC 600 connectors. Because of the large number of contacts in many ARINC 600 connectors, any reduction in contact costs can significantly affect the overall connector costs. The contact combines a stamped and rolled clip inside a screw machined body. Use of stamped and rolled parts considerably reduces the manufacturing complexity—and the cost—of the contacts. The PC tail contacts are completely intermateable with existing ARINC 600 plug connectors, are compatible with existing pc board layouts, and are fully qualified under ARINC 600 specifications.
The stamped and rolled clip provides low insertion force and low electrical resistance through the use of three points of electrical contact, in contrast to the two points of traditional screw machined contacts. The new design also avoids stubbing since the three spring center the pin during mating.

The clip members are plated with 50 microinches of gold, with flash gold on the contact body to eliminate tin-lead and achieve RoHS compatibility.

In addition to the contact, a new one-piece insert offers additional cost reductions by replacing the traditional two-piece design and eliminating the complex manufacturing and assembly. Inserts are supplied filled with nonremovable contacts to customer specifications; empty cavities can also be loaded later. The new Radiall NSX contacts are also available in a removable version for use with existing two-piece inserts.

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