Provertha's M12 adapter: compact CCTV connectivity for rail

12th February 2024
Sheryl Miles

Provertha has developed a new M12 Ethernet panel feed-through adapter as a plug-and-play solution for M12 Ethernet interfaces of modern cameras used for video surveillance in trains, so-called railway CCTV systems.

Advantages include the connection, which can be plugged in directly within a few seconds, and the functionally reliable, error-free data transmission, as there is no need for assembly work and therefore no possible connection errors.

Panel feed-throughs are used to feed the cabling through a panel or barrier without damaging the cable or impairing the transmission quality. The 4-pin panel feed-through adapter with D-coding has a pin side for the direct connection of the camera’s Ethernet socket cable and a socket side for further networking with conventional pin-version M12 Ethernet connecting cables outside the control cabinet or enclosure. The anti-twist installation on the control cabinet door or the enclosure wall thanks to chamfered side surfaces on the housing is carried out using an M16 lock nut.

The M12 Ethernet panel feed-through adapter from Provertha features compact dimensions with a short length of 55.8mm and a small outer diameter (width across flats A/F 19). The full-metal housing made of a nickel-plated copper alloy with IP67 protection (when locked) ensures effective shielding without crosstalk provides protection against damage in heavy-duty applications. The plastics used comply with the fire behaviour requirements for railway applications in accordance with EN 45545-2. The temperature range is specified from –40 °C to +105 °C.

Functionally reliable plug-and-play connection of M12 Ethernet cables

The Provertha panel feed-through adapter with D-coded M12 mating face according to IEC 61076-2-101 has a housing with an M16x1.5 thread for mounting on a control cabinet wall, enclosure wall or panel with a lock nut (A/F 19). This simplifies installation and cabling, e.g., in a railway carriage, and makes it easier to replace cables during servicing.

The advantage is the pluggability and the use of standard cables – this covers both the CAT5 and CAT5e standards. D-coded Ethernet cables CAT5e are commonly found in the 100 Mbit/s networks of railways and in industry. This standard offers faster speeds and can also span longer distances without interference from crosstalk.

In railway engineering, it is very important that the cables and lines are routed safely and reliably through the walls and ceilings to ensure efficient and safe signalling and communication. Panel feed-throughs are an important part for achieving this. Without panel feed-throughs, cables can be routed through holes or slits in the panels, but this can lead to various problems. For example, the cables can be damaged if they are pulled through holes with sharp edges. Holes or slits in panels are often visually unacceptable. They also affect the air-conditioning and impair energy efficiency.

Commenting on the new solution, Michael Singer, Head of Business Development at Provertha, says: “We offer a comprehensive M12 product portfolio specifically for railway technology, which has now been expanded to include a compact panel feed-through adapter for modern CCTV cameras. We have found that for the connections of these cameras, M12 panel feed-throughs can offer many advantages in terms of design and installation. Thanks to the new plug-and-play adapter solution, the cameras can now be networked on a control cabinet wall, enclosure wall or panel within seconds. This greatly simplifies installation and cabling in railway and industrial applications.”

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