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7th September 2020
Ultra-compact angled SMT D-Sub connector for industrial applications

Provertha has announced a D-Sub connector range for a wide variety of applications and now also has a 9-pin slimline version for industrial applications in its portfolio. The high-performance D-Sub connector from the TMC series in slimline design reduces the required PCB area by up to 33% compared to a conventional D-Sub due to its 90° angled SMT terminations in ultra-flat design.

6th August 2020
Straight D-Sub connectors in reliable pressfit technology

By acquiring ERNI's D-Sub products including machinery and tools, PROVERTHA has optimally expanded its existing product portfolio and offers high-performance D-Sub connectors for almost every application.

30th June 2020
PROVERTHA multicrimp pliers save tools costs

For D-Sub as well as M12 and M8 crimp sleeves, PROVERTHA offers new cost-effective multicrimp pliers in four versions (TMCCH1 to TMCCH4) for different cable diameters. The pliers can be used universally and flexibly with a multicrimp die for four or eight spanner sizes. This means that one pair of pliers can be used for different common spanner sizes without changing tools.

27th November 2019
Ethernet connector enables direct wiring in harsh environments

High-speed Ethernet connections work with crossed wire pairs to reduce interference at high data rates. The realisation of crossed wire pairs is no longer a problem thanks to the new version of PROVERTHA's M12 X-code connector.

21st May 2019
Stainless steel crimp flange connectors for Ethernet applications

PROVERTHA is extending its portfolio of compact M8 connection solutions with versions in stainless steel (V4A) featuring A-coding and crimp termination (AWG 26-22). The 360° shielded M8 connectors with IP67 protection are predestined for demanding applications in Industrial Ethernet networks such as EtherCAT. With their high robustness, vibration resistance and torsional strength, they ensure a reliable, functionally stable Ethernet connectio...

25th March 2019
Mini cable gland compact solution for Ethernet

The new M12 Mini from PROVERTHA is a compact M12 cable connector for space-saving fieldbus connection. The M12 cable gland has a length of only 44mm with an outer diameter of 16/14 mm. Nevertheless, the connector offers a large cable clamping range of four to nine millimetres. The special all-metal housing ensures effective shielding with high EMC.

11th February 2019
D-Sub portfolio taken over to ensure availability

As part of its strategic orientation, ERNI announced the discontinuation of its D-Sub product portfolio in mid-2018. This means that the D-Sub/TMC connectors with nine to 50 poles along with the various versions will no longer be available from ERNI in future. ERNI and PROVERTHA have however entered into an agreement to ensure the availability of the products for current and future customer designs.

24th January 2019
M12 cable connectors designed for secure data transfer

PROVERTHA offers a comprehensive portfolio of M12 connector solutions for secure and reliable data transfer. In some applications adjacent interfaces have to be connected avoiding incorrect mating. To ensure unmistakable mating especially in place critical environments PROVERTHA offers new M12 variants with colour ring. 

25th April 2018
Connectors aid applications in Industrial Ethernet networks

PROVERTHA has expanded its portfolio of M12 interconnect solutions with a new M8 connector series. The 360° shielded M8 connectors with a crimp flange are predestined for demanding applications in Industrial Ethernet networks such as EtherCAT with IP67 protection, where they ensure a functionally reliable Ethernet connection and interference-free data transmission.

19th April 2018
D-Sub crimp connectors for vacuum applications

PROVERTHA has designed D-Sub crimp connectors specifically for vacuum technology applications. Featuring metal housings made of stainless steel and plastic insulators, the connectors can be used on the vacuum side and meet the most demanding 'low outgassing requirements'. The crimp connection ensures a mechanically stable, gas-tight connection with low electrical resistance.

20th November 2017
Connectors designed for high speed data transmission

PROVERTHA has expanded its comprehensive M12 connector portfolio, introducing new X-coded 90° variants. The new M12 connectors are suitable for high speed data networks in industrial automation. In addition to the straight variants PROVERTHA introduces new angled M12 X-code 90° connectors, especially addressing space restricted applications.

10th April 2017
M12 gender changer offers two fastening options

  PROVERTHA will be presenting an M12 gender changer within the scope of its extensive M12 connector range at Hannover Messe (Hall 11, Stand E28) from 24th to 28th April 2017. Gender changers make it possible to connect cables with the same type of connectors (female/female or male/male).

10th April 2017
PROVERTHA to exhibit M12 90° adaptor at Hannover Messe 2017

  PROVERTHA will be presenting the M12 90° adapter within the scope of its extensive M12 connector range at Hannover Messe, (Hall 11, Stand E28) from 24th to 28th April 2017. The adapter is available in versions for Industrial Ethernet, Profinet, DeviceNet/CAN bus and Profibus.

15th November 2016
PROVERTHA offers custom specific M12 T- and Y-Distributors

In addition to its comprehensive standard product portfolio of M12 T- and Y-distributors, PROVERTHA offers custom specific variants for the Profibus and CANbus. The offering is based on a modular concept of T- and Y-distributors and enables the fast realisation of compact and secure solutions for fast connections. With the custom specific variants PROVERTHA provides a lot of options. So the distributors can be delivered with or without groun...

8th November 2016
Code connectors unveiled by PROVERTHA

  PROVERTHA has expanded its comprehensive M12 connector portfolio introducing X-coded variants. The M12 connectors are suitable for high-speed data networks in industrial automation.

4th November 2016
Gold plated coatings for connector range

To provide robust data networks in industry and automotive applications, the portfolio of connector products and solutions from PROVERTHA has been has expanded to include new gold-plated coatings for its G1 and G2 contacts. 

5th October 2016
D-Sub connectors improve signal distribution for railway use

The portfolio of D-Sub connectors from PROVERTHA expands to introduce variants for DIN rail assembly. For implementations in rack systems the company offers D-Sub variants with nine to 37 pins. The robust components provide safe and reliable methods for signal distribution in railway applications an industrial automation.

11th November 2015
M12 cable connectors now offered in stainless steel

Expanding its range of M12 cable connectors, PROVERTHA has announced the release of stainless steel (V4A) versions. The male and female versions are specifically designed for the requirements encountered in medical technology and the food industry, however can also be used in cleanroom environments in industrial and off-shore applications.

23rd October 2015
Wire-to-board connectors offered in 2-row variants

PROVERTHA expands its comprehensive WireClip portfolio on high reliable Wire-to-Board solutions with 2-row variants. The 2-row WireClip is the most compact Wire-to-Board solution to date. The technology provides an economical and space-saving solution with ready-for-connection WireClip cable assembly with a minimal installation height.

16th October 2015
360° EMI/RFI M12 crimp connector suits field assembly

PROVERTHA has introduced a 360° EMI/RFI M12 crimp connector for reliable field assembly of Drive-Cliq systems with an IP67 protection degree (screw locked). The M12 cable connectors, compliant with IEC 61076-2-101, provide fail-safe Drive-Cliq connection and secure data transmission. This is achieved by a secure contact of the signal wires due to turned crimp contacts and the safe cable shield contact due a compact full metal housing.

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