New filter spring probe and pad contact technology developed by ITT ICS provides greatly extended product life in military applications

25th October 2011
ES Admin
ITT Interconnect Solutions has developed a new filtered interconnect with ultra small size 23 spring probe/pad contact technology which offers more than twenty times the service life of other filter connectors on the market compared against the previously accepted benchmark of 500 cycles for conventional pin socket contacts. The new technology developed by ITT ICS design engineers is qualified at more than 10,000 mating/unmating cycles, increasing service life in the field and reducing operational costs dramatically.
ITT ICS’s new Filter Spring Probe/Pad contact technology creates electrical contact by utilising pressure point force of the spring-loaded pin to the contact pad instead of the sliding forces typically found on conventional pin socket contacts. The contact pad on the socket side of the spring probe is flush to the insulator face and can be cleaned by simply wiping clean in the field. The ultra-small size 23 contact design provides for further miniaturisation of the connector size and higher density configurations. ITT ICS has introduced the size 23 spring probe/pad contact system as high-density ITT Cannon Chip-on-Flex Filter connectors in MKJ layouts such as 7 – 19 and 9 - 19.

Suitable applications include military radios, surveillance systems, night vision goggles, soldier combat systems, IED countermeasures, head-up displays, detection equipment and radar systems.

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