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28th July 2011
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Rutronik has expanded its product range with XCede vertical backplane headers and right-angle daughter card receptacles designed for 25Gb/s performance. The XCede® connector platform provides a clear long-term migration path for customers who are designing equipment platforms that will need to evolve to enable higher speed signaling and higher levels of performance in future years.

Vertical backplane header configurations provide two, four or six differential signal pairs per column wafer with four, six or eight wafers per signal connector module. The vertical header range also includes options with two-wall, three-wall, or four-wall connector shrouds. Among the three-wall-options are versions with integrated guide posts and polarization key openings. The use of advanced engineering polymers in a resonance-damping shield eliminates crosstalk resonances and enables very low crosstalk across a wide frequency range.

Connectors with six differential pairs per column fit 36mm minimum card slot pitch and provide 82.4 differential signal pairs/inch. Four-pair connectors provide 54.9 signal pairs/inch and can be used down to 25mm card slot pitch. Two-pair connectors fit on as little as 15mm slot pitch and support 27.5 signal pairs/inch along the card edge. Complementary guidance and power modules are also included in the product range. In addition to providing individual right-angle receptacle signal modules, customized groupings of right-angle signal, guidance and power modules can be attached to a single wafer organizer to form an integrated daughter card connector.

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