Miniature connector families from Omnetics

24th June 2008
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Omnetics Connector Corporation is now offering 0.635mm, 1.27mm pitch rectangular and metal circular connector families that have an operating temperature range of up to 200degC for use in petroleum industry applications, such as down hole drilling electronics, oil reserve sensor systems, towed array mapping and LWD (logging while drilling) data transmission.

0.635mm pitch nano miniature connectors are available in single or double row configuration with up to 60 positions. The surface mount or through-hole devices are rated at 1A per contact and exceed MIL-DTL-83513 for shock and vibration. Single row devices use PPS/40% glass insulators; dual row connectors use LCP/30% glass insulators. Epoxy sealing is Frey 3003 or equivalent: higher temperature epoxy can be specified on request.

SMT or PTH 1.27mm pitch micro connectors are similarly available in single or dual row configuration and also exceed MIL-DTL-83513 for shock and vibration, but are available with up to 97 positions and rated at 3A per contact. Insulation is PPS/40% glass. Metal circular devices are available with up to 27 contacts and feature O-ring sealing and EMI shielding.

Comments Gary Evans, European Sales Manager: “We have focussed a great deal of effort ensuring that the design and materials of our connector families exceed the very demanding specifications required by the petroleum industry. Our low profile, metal bodied connector families securely mount onto the specialized PCBs used in down hole drilling bit electronics; elsewhere our lightweight, ruggedized metal circular connectors reduce drag during long array towing operations for undersea area mapping.”

Omnetics’ high temperature connector families are also available with specially-designed cable harnesses that solve EMI and cross talk problems that may occur when operating at high signal speeds. Backshells, braided shields, strain relief and special cables are all available to extend product lifetime.

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