How to guide multiple cables securely for 200 full turns

5th September 2019
Alex Lynn

The igus twisterband range has further extended its reach by providing compact horizontal rotations of up to 7,000°, which is nearly 200 full-turns, and vertical rotations of 3,000°. At speeds of up to 180°/sec, that is 30 full-turns in a minute.

Made from lightweight, yet tough, advanced engineering polymers, twisterband HD features a strong pinned connection between each of its links for a longer service life.

The links are easy to open and quick to fill – power, data and media, such as air and fluid, are guided securely in one system, which is not possible when using a traditional slip-ring. twisterband is available in five standard sizes from 120 mm to 300 mm diameter, and the twisterband HD version is available in four standard sizes with diameters from 120 mm to 420 mm.

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