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11th January 2022
Igus bevel gears for lubrication-free motion

Bevel gears transfer drive forces at a 90° angle. igus has now developed gears made of two abrasion-resistant and durable high-performance plastics, especially suitable for simple applications.

Alternative Energy
6th January 2022
igus’s circular product lifecycle of e-chains

Energy chains or e-chains are used to protect and guide moving cables and hoses, ensuring reliable power and data supply for moving machinery. They can be found in hundreds of industrial applications from offshore oil platforms to machine tools, from cranes to theatres, from elevators, to vehicle doors.

7th December 2021
Electric LyteHorse performs in all weather conditions

Lubrication-free igus plain bearings allow go-anywhere electric stand-up vehicle to operate in even difficult environmental conditions

30th November 2021
E-skin flat energy chain with three layers pass IPA test

The modular alternative to ribbon cable proves its particle-free qualities in Fraunhofer cleanroom test.

23rd November 2021
igus rotary table bearings adjust quickly and precisely

Locking function, released by igus, of iglidur PRT slewing ring bearings removes need for time-consuming adjustments.

Events News
26th October 2021
Submissions open for energy supply applications award

The vector award for unique energy supply applications is entering its eighth round. Applications are open now, with deadline for entries on the 11th of February 2022.

11th October 2021
Heavy-duty roller energy chain increases lifetime on cranes

Next generation cranes need higher power supplies. Energy chains, the protective chains that transport power and control cables in linear motion, must meet these requirements for longer travels, higher accelerations and operational uncertainties, as well as high reliability.

20th July 2021
igus module boosts predictive maintenance

igus has developed a new predictive maintenance device, a new home for the software to power its smart plastics products – the i.Cee:local module. The module calculates the remaining service life of the energy chain, cable, linear guide and/or plain bearings during their operation. By doing this, the service life of the system can be optimised, faults are detected and rectified at an early stage, and more accurate maintenance can ...

4th January 2021
New product makes a splash in the world of robots

Requests by customers for a robolink fit for wet conditions has prompted igus to design one that can withstand rain, showers, and moisture. The company, which has its UK headquarters in Northampton, has developed its very first water-resistant robolink - a low cost automation solution made of polymer and stainless steel.

21st December 2020
E-skin flat single pods for cleanrooms

igus has developed an ‘e-skin flat’ single pod - designed specifically to guide cables in compact and particle-free cleanrooms. To ensure quick and easy installation customers can use the e-skin flat to select and combine chambers and then insert the cables in seconds. There is also the option of a new support chain, which strengthens the e-skin flat.

16th December 2020
Design Award 2021 judges praise innovative igus design

A new plug-in connector by igus has won an ‘Excellent Product Design’ award in the German Design Awards 2021. The new igus Module Connect Adapter, praised by judges for its innovation, has been designed to suit limited spaces where a large number of plugged-in cables, such as fibre, optic, electric and encoder cables, need to be connected together.

Control Systems
3rd November 2020
The future of robots: igus develops new robotic control software

New software to improve the control and use of robots has been developed and launched by igus. The igus robot control software enables robots to be programmed and controlled with ease and also helps customers choose the robot that best suits the needs of their business. igus, which has its UK headquarters in Northampton, has three low cost automation solutions in its portfolio: Robolink robotic arm, delta robots and linear gantry robots.

19th October 2020
UK engineers set to join global 3D printing workshop

Engineers across the UK are set to join an online workshop this month, to discuss and learn more about the 3D printing of plastic gears. igus has organised the event on Wednesday 28th October – for engineers across the globe to learn more about the 3D printing process, from prototype to production. The workshop – with two timeslots to choose from – will also explore in detail the use and application of the igus online service li...

18th September 2020
igus presents new vehicle products on live automotive show

The igus Automotive Show, taking place on 22nd September, is being live streamed from the company’s news studio in Cologne. Experts from igus, which has its UK headquarters in Northampton, will unveil some of the company’s latest solutions for trucks and commercial vehicles. These will include new 3D-printed solutions for prototype development, sealed igubal double joints and the telescopic...

Electrical and Electronic Equipment
16th September 2020
Energy chain helps generate environmentally friendly shore power

The e-loop energy supply series which increases safety and reduces procurement and installation time has been expanded to suit static applications, including shore power supplies. Shore power offers the provision of electrical power to a ship at berth so that its main and auxiliary engines can be shut down.

13th August 2020
igus e-chain system in a linear motor robot

The linear motor robot from FIBRO LÄPPLE TECHNOLOGY (FLT) claims to be different from many other solutions, because it is twice as fast at half the weight. In order for the linear robot to be able to get production up and running quickly and reliably, a compact, durable and silent energy supply was required.

19th June 2020
Discover the e-spool flex 2.0 cable reel

The new e-spool flex 2.0 from igus moves a single cable or hose safely and stows it away quickly whilst retaining an end-to-end connection. The new cable reel will guide a power or data cable or a hose for air and liquids without interruption.

26th May 2020 enables predictive maintenance for IT security

Being able to predict and plan maintenance is the goal pursued by igus with its smart plastics solutions. Intelligent sensors, for example, measure the wear of energy chains, chainflex cables, slewing rings and linear guides. With the new communication module, the customer can now decide in which form they would like to incorporate the acquired data from the sensors.

30th April 2020
igus single pair Ethernet cable for energy chains

Every day, sensors generate vast amounts of data worldwide and this continues to rise. Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) technology offers completely new opportunities to transmit these data streams reliably even in the most confined areas of the machine. Developed for use in energy chains, igus has introduced the chainflex CFBUS.PUR.042 SPE cable.

Tech Videos
24th April 2020
Drylin delta robots developed for medical technology

In this week’s video, igus has introduced a selection of the energy chains and cables, iglidur plain bearings and drylin delta robots developed specifically for medical technology.

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