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Eco Innovation
1st May 2024
igus rolls out the first 100 all-plastic bicycles in UK

The first batch of the famous igus all-plastic bicycle is in production, while igus builds a high-volume production line.

5th March 2024
Unlock time and cost savings with igus Module Connect

In the dynamic world of industry, where efficiency and cost-effectiveness reign supreme, the igus Module Connect emerges as a solution that optimises operations, boosts productivity, and delivers cost savings.

3D Printing
10th October 2023
Calculate the service life of 3D printing materials online in 30 seconds

igus has expanded its 3D printing range for wear-resistant, lubrication-free special parts – now providing service life, costs, material properties, and delivery times.

11th May 2023
Plastics specialist brings engineering and sales into virtual reality

Closely inspect products from all sides wearing virtual reality (VR) glasses. Plan machines, systems, and vehicle assemblies together with engineers and material experts in VR, quickly and independently of your location.

1st March 2023
Two new hybrid cables from igus suitable for Bosch Rexroth and Siemens

igus has expanded its chainflex cable portfolio with two new hybrid cables that offer energy and data transmission bundled in one cable.

Eco Innovation
25th January 2023
UK gov’t green-light bottle deposit return scheme

A new plastic bottle deposit return scheme – to tackle more of the 13bn plastic bottles produced every year – was given the UK government’s go ahead on 20th January 2023. But igus assert they have already paved the way with its popular “chainge” scheme for end-of-life e-chains and its brand new cable recycling programme.

31st May 2022
World's first urban bike made from recycled plastic

igus will launch the world’s first all-plastic urban bicycle for the UK market at Engineering Expo on 8th June. Its debut showing was at Hannover Messe on 30th May.

Tech Videos
30th May 2022
A world first made of all-plastic at the Hanover Fair

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, accompanied by Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa, visited the stand of plastics specialist igus on the first day of the Hanover Fair. The focus of the conversation was the igus:bike, an innovative concept for sustainable urban mobility of the future.

17th May 2022
Autonomous cleaning robot runs even cleaner with drylin linear bearings

The K900 industrial robot cleans floors wherever it needs to, autonomously and without programming, even in places where it is potentially dangerous or even impossible for people to clean.

7th April 2022

igus's cost-effective robotics and automation solutions automate packaging, sort products, and help with dangerous tasks in everyday operations. In 2022, igus will present the ROIBOT (Return on Investment in Robotics) Award once again for the most creative applications.

29th March 2022
Low-cost SCARA robot and novel cable storage solution

“Tech up, cost down” is proudly on display at MACH 2022 as motion plastics specialist igus exhibits a new low-cost robot for small scale work and a novel solution for storing and shipping cable drums – both increasing efficiency but keeping costs down.

Tech Videos
28th March 2022
3D printing goes large!

You can now print big! Really big! Up to 3M with igus! With the iglidur large format printing capabilities, 3D printed parts of up to 3M are now not a problem. With a variety of materials, including FDA materials, the possibilities are endless. In this short video, you can see large scale 3D printed parts being printed at igus’s facility in Germany.

14th March 2022
Drylin SCARA robot perfect for low-cost automation

One common barrier to automating a manufacturing process, certainly in the UK, has been cost. Motion plastic and cable technology pioneers igus devised the Low Cost Automation, or LCA, range of robots and devices to increase the productivity of tasks like electronic assembly and laboratory work while keeping the costs down.

1st March 2022
UL approval for halogen-free TPE cables

igus say they are the first cable manufacturer in the world to receive UL AWM certification from US validation agency Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for its high-end TPE cables, which do not require fire-retardant halogens as additives.

24th February 2022
FastLine delivers injection-moulded special plain bearings in 7 days

Industrial parts and products must be delivered quickly and reliably, but the manufacture of special parts by injection moulding can take several weeks. 

15th February 2022
igus invests in SPE

igus has introduced ready-made cables for the Single Pair Ethernet especially for e-chain use.

8th February 2022
Bionic design fortifies igus plastic bearing solution

igubal bearings are a maintenance-free, economical alternative to classic cast housing bearings.

11th January 2022
Igus bevel gears for lubrication-free motion

Bevel gears transfer drive forces at a 90° angle. igus has now developed gears made of two abrasion-resistant and durable high-performance plastics, especially suitable for simple applications.

Alternative Energy
6th January 2022
igus’s circular product lifecycle of e-chains

Energy chains or e-chains are used to protect and guide moving cables and hoses, ensuring reliable power and data supply for moving machinery. They can be found in hundreds of industrial applications from offshore oil platforms to machine tools, from cranes to theatres, from elevators, to vehicle doors.

7th December 2021
Electric LyteHorse performs in all weather conditions

Lubrication-free igus plain bearings allow go-anywhere electric stand-up vehicle to operate in even difficult environmental conditions

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