Hirose vertical FPC connector for vehicle applications

3rd June 2020
Alex Lynn

Hirose has launched a vertical flexible printed circuit (FPC) connector with a single-action lock for demanding applications. The 0.5mm pitch FH67 Series vertical FPC connector satisfies severe automotive requirements, and is also commonly used in applications like consumer, gaming, industrial, medical, robotics and more.

The FH67 Series has a rugged design, including two-point independent contact springs and a single-action lock with a clear tactile click.

For greater reliability in harsh environments, the FH67 Series FPC connector has a high retention force, high-heat resistance, and a ground pin to work with shielded FFC for advance EMI prevention. The FH67 Series FPC connector design also offers flux and solder wicking prevention.

With an insertion force of only 12.5N max, the connector has wide tapers for smooth and easy FPC/FFC insertion. The design also enables visual confirmation of complete insertion.

The FPC connector is designed for automated pick-and-place assembly processes.

"The FH67 Series FPC connector combines low-insertion force with high-retention force to deliver greater reliability in harsh environment applications that regularly experience shock and vibration," said Mark Kojak, VP of Sales and Marketing for Hirose Electric USA. "The single-action lock eliminates risk of latch damage during the assembly process and greatly improves assembly time."

With a height of 5.2 mm, the FH67 Series is available in a 30-position version that is halogen-free and RoHS compliant. Hirose is currently developing 10, 20, 40, 50 and 60 positions versions.

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