High Quality Terminal Posts Manufactured in the UK - Up to 60A rated Custom designs available

27th June 2011
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CLIFF Electronics, leaders in the design, development and manufacture of components and connectors for audio, engineering, instrumentation, medical, lighting and vending applications manufacture an extensive range of Terminal Binding Posts in their UK factory.
The Cliff range of terminal posts includes Single Terminal Binding Posts rated up to up to 60A available in many different designs and configurations for consumer and professional applications. Cliff can supply fully insulated and touch-proof versions and 4mm versions of binding posts are also available for test and instrumentation applications. Solid brass, gold plated models for use in Hi-Fi speaker applications including a special antimagnetic no-nickel version are also available.

Cliff also manufacture the BFA® (Built For Audio) range of terminals designed in response to European industry safety requirements prohibiting the use of banana plugs in order to minimise the risk of accidental electric shock. All Cliff basic models are offered in this style. The 4mm socket is replaced by a 4mm spring contact probe. Cross holes for wire connection are Ø3.6mm so banana plugs will not enter. They meet the norms of BS EN 60065 for audio applications

Cliff Terminal Posts are available with nickel and gold plated finishes and facilitate 4mm plug, Faston® or cable connection, with blanking buttons available to ensure touch-proof safety properties.

Cliff also manufactures Dual Binding Post Assemblies in a variety of designs in either standard or custom configurations. To simplify assembly Cliff offers preassembled horizontal and vertical PCB mounting terminal plates in many differing configurations using standard or custom terminals to suit customer’s specific applications.

John Hall General manager of Cliff Electronics comments;”We manufacture one of the most extensive ranges of terminal binding posts available anywhere and are happy to undertake custom designs to ensure our customers get exactly the connector they require. The great majority of our binding posts are manufactured in our UK factory and we have our own facility in Asia set up to handle any very high quantity orders. To complement our terminal post range we also offer a bespoke test lead product range”

Custom binding posts may also be designed for specific applications or to enhance the appearance of unique equipment. Cliff Electronics offer full design assistance for this custom design service.

Cliff terminal posts are widely used in applications as diverse as loudspeaker connection, audio products, laboratory power supplies, test and instrumentation products, medical equipment, electric fencing, military communications and many industrial connection solutions.

Cliff Electronics terminal posts are available direct from Cliff Electronics UK, Cliff Electronics Inc in the USA and a number of franchised distributors.

Cliff Electronics manufactures audio and power connectors, test leads and accessories, general industrial connectors, foot pedals, hand tools, production aids, lighting connectors, motors and fans. Cliff can also provide a wide range of leads including audio, instrument and power.

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