New high-speed connector with direct mating function

3rd November 2011
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Yamaichi Electronics has expanded its existing HF507S high-speed series with a direct mating type. The new variant, the , is based on a new design that simplifies the connection between the plug and the cable. Unlike the existing non-ZIF solution, which relies on engagement in the plug connector using an adapter assembled with FPC/FFC, in the direct mating type the high-speed FFC can be plugged directly together without additional materials. The FFC has a small punched-out gap on both sides in the plug area for this purpose. It is inserted into the connector and engages with its shape using a so-called one-push lock procedure. To remove the FFC, one simply presses a button located on the top of the connector. The dimensions of the FFC in the plug area correspond to those of systems already on the market.
Features such as transmission of data in the Gbit range (depending on pin count and length of the FFC) as well as the quality feature of 100 ohms differential impedance are provided by the design of the HF507S-xx-72 series. The new connector versions are shielded, have 41 or 51 pins, and are available in a 90° horizontal version.

Ideal applications are the transmission of LVDS data, for example in home entertainment systems. Due to their outstanding transmission characteristics, they could also be used in many other applications in which high transmission rates are required.

The HF507S-xx-72 offers optimum design with high technical standards, all at an attractive price. They are delivered packaged on tape reel belts.

In addition to this high-speed ZIF connector version, Yamaichi Electronics also offer connector systems with transmission rates of up to 5 Gbps based on a variety of interlock versions (HF507S with adapters or HF601 as ZIF version).

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