Ethernet cable targets aerospace market

11th July 2014
Siobhan O'Gorman

Ethernet cables, claimed to meet the military and civil aerospace markets' need for higher data rate cables in a lightweight, flexible, and routable package, have been introduced by Gore. Featuring the cable jacket material found in GORE 1394b FireWire Cables, GORE Ethernet Cables provide the combination of high speed and light weight necessary for a wide range of aerospace applications.

GORE Ethernet Cables are engineered for the demands of modern airborne digital networks, supporting TIA-568 applications up to 10Gb while increasing signal density with reduced cable diameter. The CAT-6A cables are available in two standard sizes - 24 and 26 AWG.

Typical applications for the ethernet cables include avionics networks, digital video systems, cabin management systems, flight management systems, Ethernet backbone and in-flight entertainment systems.

Tom Sharp, Aerospace Cable Engineer, Gore, commented, “Based on the success of GORE 1394b Military FireWire Cables on the JSF program, we are excited about the launch of GORE Ethernet Cables. This initiative brings our proven track record of lightweight and high-data-rate performance to a wider range of aircraft applications.”

Higher data rate systems require greater attention to all electrical parameters, such as impedance control, attenuation, crosstalk, and EMI. Craig Hislop, Aerospace Product Manager, Gore, said, “Design engineers are integrating sophisticated electronics into almost every system of modern military and civil aircraft. It is essential for electronic systems to communicate reliably and accurately, and cables are the lifeline of these systems.”

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